The TEN FLECS company is the world’s first contract manufacturer of TFT matrices, microchips and IC combining 2 flexible electronics production technologies: IGZO TFT for plastic microchips and organic TFT matrices for displays and sensors.

The TEN FAB company provides services in precise machine processing and instrument engineering. The company has a high-end processing machinery stock and specializes in one-of-a-kind products and preproduction for clients.

The TEN MedPrint company produces serial and piece endoprostheses and implants according to client models using a certified 3D-printing process (ISO-131485) and certified materials (Ti6Al4V).

The Artek Brading company produces tubes and preforms made of polymeric composite materials (carbon, glass, aramid, basalt, hybrid) using the radial weaving method. The company develops a design of weaved tubes and multilayered preforms of variable diameter and complex geometry for its clients.

The Troitsk Inzhenerniy Center company renders a range of hi-tech engineering services including design of optoelectronic circuits and devices, embedded software development, preparation and organization of optoelectronic device production.

The Artek Composites company produces high-precision rigs of wood, MDF, and plastics to manufacture small-batch products from composite materials. The company uses vacuum infusion and RTM technologies, controls launching of client products into manufacture and monitors their quality.

The BioSpark company provides contract R&D services in development of industrial solutions using bacteria and biotechnology. Oil development, petrochemistry, agribusiness and other industrial companies are among its clients.

The TEN Engineering company provides services in design of mechanical and mechatronic systems from conceptual design to manufacturing technology development. The company controls coordination with contract manufacturers to produce client products.

The Solartek company runs a group of projects on thin-film photovoltaic production design and on development of end BIPV products. The company is an industry partner of Solliance, the leading European thin-film photovoltaic consortium.

The Fabrika Promdisaina company renders services in quick and none-boutique industrial design perfectly matching the life-cycle phase of the client’s product — from graphics and blueprints to physical prototypes and tests on the actual unit.

The Medica company provides a range of services in localization of foreign medical equipment in Russia: contract production of elements and integration, registration of medical devices, Made in Russia certificating.

The ChromaSpark company renders services in human genome research (NGS sequence analysis and PCR): analysis of hereditary cardiac and neurological diseases and cancer. The company performs customized development and quality check of genetic panels for its clients.

The CVD Spark company develops and distributes technologies for growth and post-processing of synthetic diamonds. Clients of the company obtain access to the cloud of modes that allow producing diamonds for microelectronics, optics, laser systems, precision instruments and rig.

The LaserSpark company provides services in technology planning for the processes that use different types of lasers. The company is experienced in selection, calculation and assembly of laser systems for micromachining, sapphire substrate cutting, PLD-processes, surgery, and cosmetology.


The SRB Lab company renders services in testing of bacterial load at oil-field facilities and selection of biocidal treatment strategy. Bacterial corrosion is the key factor of accelerated wear of pipes and equipment.

The OptiSpark company produces precise coatings for precision optics using the best-of-class equipment including the electron-beam evaporation Buhler LEYBOLD OPTICS SYRUS Pro 710 unit with the system of real-time direct optical check.