About Us

Within Laser incubator “LaserSpark” Russian, American and European entrepreneurs and developers create new applications for femto-, pico-, excimer and other lasers in micromachining, biology and electronics.

Capital intensive laser equipment for experiments and highly qualified staff are the basis of specialized incubator infrastructure. 6 startups were launched based on LaserSpark in 2013.

LaserSpark also provides R&D services in the field of laser solutions, certification and metrology services, engineering, industrial laser applications, consultancy services on technology licensing and assessment of projects.

The aim of the process is to create a research center applied laser technology that combines the most advanced development of medical and other appointments:

  •  Customized investment and research and development of medical laser and other equipment;
  • Startups, commercialization or use laser equipment;
  • Services to provide access to equipment for applications;
  • Advisory services, the sale of laser equipment.


  • Biology and medicine;
  • Miсromashining*;
  • Microelectronics;

Choice is due to:

  • Global trends;
  • Competent partners;
  • Nanocenter specialization.
* Miсromashining – precision micromachining of materials by ultrashort laser pulses without thermal influences (mainly pico-and femptosekundnoe radiation)
The Russian market for medical lasers is estimated at $ 100 million global market only ophthalmic lasers reached $ 606 million by 2015, with a growth rate of the market at the level of 6.37% per year, the market will grow to $ 880 million.