About Us

CVD.Spark is a technology company that develops products based on synthetic diamonds. With the basic technology – the growth and processing of poly- and single crystalline diamond from the gas phase, the company develops technologies for the next stage products – diamond optics, detectors for ionization radiation, cutters for drilling tools and so on. All products are developed in cooperation with end users.


Diamond growth technology:

  • The technology of high-speed growth of polycrystalline diamond tool quality;
  • The technology of high-speed growth of polycrystalline diamond optical quality;
  • Technology growth of monocrystalline diamond;
  • Growth of semiconductor technology (doped) diamond coatings and crystals;
  • Technology for producing black diamond with specified absorption coefficients and thermal conductivity;

Production of the final product:

  • Production ultrahard composite material based on diamond;
  • Manufacture of cooling plate;
  • Manufacture of optical windows;
  • Manufacture of electronic devices;

Production of the final product:

  • Technology grinding and polishing diamond plates;
  • Technology of laser polishing of polycrystalline diamond films;
  • Laser microstructuring technology;


The market is at an early stage of development. By 2015, the global market for industrial diamonds to reach $ 1.3 billion in major market segments – electronic devices (including sensors) and instruments (shares in 2015 39% and 32% respectively).