Center of Technical Supply “Teсhnospark”

About Us

Engineering and production complex that allows both residents of Nanotechnology Center “Teсhnospark ” and third-party companies to gain access to services for the design and technological elaboration and manufacturing, rapid manufacturing of parts and components, implementation of the necessary technological operations during the development activities in the production of high-tech products from circulation single to small series .

“Center area of ​​specialization is the instrumentation and process engineering.”


Our company is engaged in various kinds of metals, including design and manufacture of metal products. Our specialists offer services of any complexity metal machining , we are capable to produce both standard non-standard metal on your sketches and drawings. In its work, we use only the most modern and high-precision equipment . Lead times are individual may depend on many factors , and the cost of our services is quite affordable for a wide range of consumers. On receipt of the design documentation ( order) within 2 working days production time is determined by the cost.

We offer the following services:

  • Laser cutting, bending sheet metal;
  • High-quality polymer coating;
  • Welding of various metal;
  • Turning and milling of complex configuration of metals and non-metals;
  • Laser instrument panels, nameplates, souvenirs;
  • Sharpening and various cutting tools;
  • Development of a CD on samples and 3D – model;
  • Precision grinding operation plane, cylindrical and shaped surfaces;

Laser, as well as turning and milling of complex configuration:

Our equipment

  • Lentopilny machine;
  • Shears CNC ADIRA GH1330;
  • CNC hydraulic press for bending sheet metal ADIRA PA-9025;
  • Laser cutting machine (laser fiber, 3 kW);
  • Machining Center M-V70En Mitsubishi;
  • CNC Machining Center Bumotec model S-191-V with CNC;
  • CNC Machining Center Bumotec model S-191-R CNC;
  • High-speed milling and drilling machine CNC MVC550;
  • Combined vertical-horizontal machining center;
  • Lathe CNC machining center Matech MT-52ST;
  • CNC machining center with CNC PUMA 240MS;
  • Profile grinding machine NC KENT KGS-63 model with the controller;
  • Grinding machine;
  • Universal grinding machine;
  • Universal milling machine;
  • Universal screw-screw machine;
  • Tufting machine;
  • Plot powder coating;
  • Spot welding equipment;
  • Equipment for argon arc welding;
  • Bending machine;
  • Radial drilling machine;
  • Universal Bench drilling machines;
  • Threading machine;
  • Electromechanical rolling machine;
  • Bending machine (manual);
  • Floor sanding machines;
  • Machine air plasma cutting;
  • Luggage blasting;
  • 6-axis CMM ROMER;
  • Metal analyzer Innov-X Delta;

Competitive advantages

  • significant experience in projects of high complexity;
  • the most convenient forms of cooperation;
  • short deadlines;
  • work carried out on its own base;
  • possibility of fabrication of metal products of any complexity;
  • metalworking shop equipped with modern facilities.
  • Universal Bench drilling machines;


1, Promyishlennaya str., Troitsk, Moscow, 142191, Russian Federation

Konstantin Bogomolov;

+7 (916) 135 93 21