Instrument making, prototyping and engineering


Release of high-tech products in the field of instrumentation is not possible without a modern production base with advanced methods of machining and prototyping. Without such a production base is also impossible conducting modern research and development work.

In Russia completely absent infrastructure facilities oriented layout, prototyping and production of high-tech products in the field of instrumentation. Without a modern production duly certified by the European Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2001, ISO 13485:2003) to enter the international market is not only very limited, but sometimes not possible.

In nanocenter planned creation of a modern industrial base infrastructure for instrument-making industry. Production Company will include all processes for the manufacture of high-tech products (mechanical area, fitting-assembly area, radiomontazhny portion galvanic plot, plot powder coating, etc.) as well as design offices to provide services to develop a working design documentation, as well as unit industrial design.