energy storage

ENRU company develops and produces lithium-iron-phosphate battery-based energy accumulation systems for domestic and industrial use. These energy accumulators are special for the unique control system which ensures more efficient energy cell use than any other analogous, at one of the lowest prices in the international market.
ENRU supplies several energy accumulator models with the capacity ranging from 2.5 kWh to 9 kWh and the service life of 13 years (i.e. 5 thousand recharging cycles). Battery charging time is two hours; in the operation process, the system does not heat up and does not require any special cooling, which means it makes no noise. If the battery is not used during a month, it will lose only 3% of the charge. It takes only an hour to install and connect it in the house. The inverter chip controls the entire system operation, sending its condition reports to the cloud storage. On his or her smartphone, the user can see how much energy is being consumed at the moment and where it comes from: from the electric grid, from the sun or from the battery.
ENRU systems can recharge at night and supply electric power during the day: therefore, energy consumption will be charged based on the night tariff all the time. The accumulator can be connected to the solar panels to compensate the morning and evening energy use peaks with the accumulated solar energy. At last, ENRU battery can cover the consumption peaks when the power assigned to the house is not enough.
The company is planning to extend its product range by increasing the service life of the electric power accumulators, entering new markets and extending the supply geography, first of all, in the direction of Europe.

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