TEN+1 startup developed the first Russian vanishing spray foam for football match referees. This white foam sprayed from a little can is used by football referees to mark the places where the penalty kicks are to be made from and where the defensive wall should stand. Introduced in 2012, this foam significantly reduced the number of violations during the game, bringing football one step closer to fair play.

Under the order of TEN+1, Dubna nanotechnology center laboratories
synthesized an original foam formula providing the two major characteristics: vanishing from the pitch three minutes after application, it is absolutely safe for the environment and for human health.

During the working process it was found that creating the foam is just the beginning. A more complicated stage was to create a holder and a can, and make them work together. The final version of the system allows the referee to reuse it by replacing the empty can.

The TEN+1 SPRAY project was short-listed for Russian Sport Innovations Awards.
TEN+1 SPRAY is available in Russia as wholesale lots and in retail.

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