November 08, 2019

Three advantages of contract manufacturing: Imprinta Case Study

The CEO of Imprinta Artem Solomnikov visited TEN fab that is a contract manufacturer of Imprinta printers under the brand name of Hercules and discussed the particularities of contract manufacturing with Oleg Lysak, CEO of TEN fab. The CEO of Imprinta dedicated an episode about it in the company’s video blog that was released on November 6.

The CEO of TEN fab Oleg Lysak told about the equipment the company uses in production, as well as about the market of 3D-printers, organization of the manufacturing process in TEN fab and advantages of contract manufacturing.

1. Contract manufacturing makes it possible to reinvent the approach to your own product and update the processes or the product depending on the business logic. “When production is embedded in the company, you arrange it in a way that is most convenient for you, and at a certain moment you stop keeping your finger on the pulse: it’s enough that it’s working,” the TEN fab CEO says.

2. Contract manufacturing ensures flexibility from the point of view of quality and output: some things can be produced using the in-house capacities, others, on a contractual basis. One can keep the output to cover a part of their production needs, delegate the rest to a contract manufacturer and plan orders 2-3 months forward depending on the cycle: increase the order at peak loads and then decrease it. In case the customer opts out of this opportunity, they have to make sure they have enough manufacturing capacities to cover both of their production lines, which entails frozen funds.

3. Scaling-up in contract manufacturing is done much easier, as there is no need to bear capital expenditures on additional equipment. Contract manufacturing means that expenditures and risks are delegated to a contract manufacturer. The customer covers some of them but ends up paying less. To get to same result without contract manufacturing they have to either freeze their funds or attract investment, and it’s costly. The episode is available as a separate video on TechnoSpark’s YouTube channel.

Imprinta is one of the leading Russian producers of 3D-printers. The line of printers offered by this company includes three models with different functionality: Hercules, Hercules Strong, and Hercules Strong Duo. Imprinta used to manufacture them at their own facility, however starting from this year Imprinta items have been also produced at technological facilities of TEN fab.

TEN fab, which belongs to the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, specializes in high-precision machining and contract-based manufacturing. The company’s technical infrastructure and staff provide the capacity to deliver up to 1000 items per batch.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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