December 27, 2019

Hundreds of people back on their feet thanks to the 3D-printed endoprotheses made by TEN.MedPrint

Over 500 customized 3D-printed implants were produced by TEN.MedPrint (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies) to the order of a number of Russian medical centers in 2019, which allowed hundreds of patients to restore the quality of their life after cancer and injuries.


Screenshot from an NTV video report

Customized endoprotheses are designed with a particular patient in mind in cases when mass-produced medical items are impossible to be used: in jaw and skull reconstruction after injuries, after bone resection for cancer, in case of non-standard bone sizes in patients, as well as in the reassembly of severely fractured bones. The technology of industrial 3D-printing that involves biocompatible metals allows for customized implants to be made within a week at a price of a serially produced item.

“This year, surgeries that featured customized additive endoprotheses were for the first time ever carried out in Orenburg, Ulan-Ude, Chita, and other cities of Russia. The number of such operations performed in largest trauma surgery centers of Russia has grown exponentially. Thanks to the technology that we apply hundreds of people in Russia have enjoyed the opportunity to get back on their feet after severe conditions or injuries,” explained Alexander Narchuk, CEO of TEN.MedPrint.

Screenshot from a video episode on Russia 1 TV (Orenburg)

3D-printed medical items are used worldwide: Healthcare 3D Printing Market Analysis reported that over 480,000 customized implants were manufactured in 2018. Produced from certified biocompatible alloys, the items imitate the bone tissue in terms of its weight and density, better integrate into the patient’s organism and have excellent durability. Moreover, the selective laser welding technology makes it possible to produce endoprotheses of sophisticated shapes with a cell-structured surface that cannot be manufactured by any traditional means. The amount of surgeries in Russia was reported by the Association of 3D-Printing Specialists to have been doubling every year since 2016, and in 2018 the number of surgeries that featured additive endoprotheses was estimated to stand at around 300.

TED.MedPrint reported that 60% of items produced in 2019 were intended for trauma surgery and orthopedics (acetabular cups, augments, plates for osteosynthesis, screws), 20% for neurosurgery, and 10% for reparative cancer treatment and oral surgery each.

Collage by CML Medical

TEN.MedPrint is a contract manufacturer of 3D-printed medical items. TEN.MedPrint’s clients include engineering companies and medical centers. The company has been in operation since 2017, headquartered in Troitsk (New Moscow). The production management system is certified in compliance with ISO 13485.

Source: Media Service of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies

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