January 17, 2020

The #startupdiplom entrepreneurial apprenticeship at TechnoSpark to expand in 2020

More universities are to join the #startupdiplom apprenticeship program with TechnoSpark that will allow the participants to defend their graduation project in the 2020-2021 academic year. Tomsk Polytechnic University decided to join the program on January 15, 2020.

As the #startupdiplom program unfolds, it will bring together the efforts of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) alongside those put in by Tomsk State University (TSU) and become a springboard for cooperation between higher education institutions in terms of training in technological entrepreneurship.

The first #startupdiplom entrepreneurial apprenticeship started back in September 2019 and would last until May 2020. The program participants are seven graduating students from two universities (TSU and Tyumen State University), who have been selected through the business game called “Build a Company. Sell the Company”. The first round of participants of the #startupdiplom program is combining their academic activities with building a startup in one of the high-tech industries and acquiring first-hand basic entrepreneurial skills – competencies in technical and manufacturing analytics, organization of their personal work and that of others, calculation of economic and investment potential, sale of technologically advanced products and more.

According to Viktor Dyomin, President of Tomsk Polytechnic University,

“TPU is ready to join the #startupdiplom program and do so in partnership with TSU. The density of technological entrepreneurship in Russia is not high. That is why the only way to introduce students to what future might possibly have in store for them in this respect is to join the ranks of those who are already doing it. And train them in business the way factories would train their workers in the past: using the hands-on approach. It is a sort of new generation of the on-the-job training. Only it is a business rather than a physical item that is produced. Turning students’ ideas into startups is possible, however without support from real business, there is a risk of shrinking them to nothing more than toy projects.”

As the first President of TPU Andrey Yakovlev believes,

“TechnoSpark and the network of nano-centers around the country act as a springboard for development of technological businesses. This is exactly what attracts our university into this new partnership. The platform offers students more options in terms of their trajectory. Moreover, each of the options is more secure. If the university in the future is not only able to offer an intense-training module with TechnoSpark or arrange it for students to get their hands-on experience in a similar setting, but also build the same kind of startup infrastructure as it exists within TechnoSpark, it will make a considerable difference in the university development. It will also make it more attractive to students, reduce the brain drain among students from our region. We hope to extend and expand our partnership with TechnoSpark.”

Viktoria Makoveeva, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Management and Director of the TSU Entrepreneurship Center, says,

“Some of TSU students are already in the middle of their apprenticeship at TechnoSpark centered around designing startups in various areas and they are sharing positive feedback. We are going to continue with the program, and we believe that the partnership between the two leading universities in Tomsk – TSU and TPU – as it relates to the #startupdiplom program will encourage its growth and attract more students who are able to create startups.”

Denis Kovalevich, CEO of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, comments,

“Two years ago we opened the door to partnership with other schools. Our mutual goal is to increase the number of people with the entrepreneurial mindset and the density of activity within the network of our startup studios and our partners. Our potential partners are the schools that are open to experimenting and ready to look for constructive common ground between the academic and practical realms.”

The selection stage of this #startupdiplom apprenticeship program is effected through a series of business games “Build a Company. Sell the Company” within the setting of participating schools, with finalists moving to Troitsk for the duration of the academic year to be engaged in technological companies of TechnoSpark.

“It is quite logical for TPU to join the #startupdiplom program with TechnoSpark. Last year our university launched the same kind of project in the academic setting, and it resulted in 48 startups successfully showcased. However, to make the project go multi-university or even global, we need the best partners.”

Source: Media Service of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies

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