January 29, 2020

TEN fab will be able to manufacture lasers with ultimately high precision

In January 2020, the contract manufacturer Ten fab (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies) upgraded its milling CNC centers to increase their boring precision necessary in the manufacturing of lasers, robots and other items that require ultimate precision.

Photo by Media Service of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies

State-of-the-art high-tech equipment requires its parts to be manufactured with the maximum precision. Any deviation from the design parameters has a negative impact on final product performance capabilities. CNC centers with standard tooling guarantee a boring deviation of not more than 15-22 microns. This is sufficient for most of the parts for the present-day equipment.


The CNC centres upgrade will allow for the boring within the minimum tolerance accepted in the engineering industry. Thanks to this, we can manufacture for our customers such complex items as lasers, hydraulic and pneumatic robots, and guarantee the compliance with the design documentation and time schedule.

TEN fab Commercial Director Yury Bocharov

The contractual manufacturing provides the companies with an opportunity to produce high-tech products in short terms and avoid additional expenses for the equipment and tools. The customer pays for the items made in the entire compliance with the requirements only.

BIG KAISER boring accessories enlarge the TEN fab production capacities. The tool is designed to make the holes with the smallest possible deviation from the intended size. The BIG KAISER boring system used by TEN fab allows to bore holes of 12–152 mm diameter with the precision down to 8 microns (for the diameter of 12 mm) and down to 18 microns (for the diameter of 152 mm).

BIG KAISER is one of the leading world producers of industrial cutting tools. The company specialises in the precise tooling systems of high quality. The production plant is in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. BIG KAISER accessories are intended for various industrial sectors: mechanical engineering, aircraft, energy, defense industry, as well as in such high-precision industries as microelectronics and watch industry.

TEN fab belongs to the TEN group, a group of contract-based businesses of TechnoSpark that comprise the entire cycle of contemporary contract-based production: engineering, industrial design, additive production, composite production and engineering, industrial design, and assembly.

Source: TEN fab


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