February 07, 2020

TEN fab launches production of new items for Eidos Medicine / TEN fab

In February 2020, TEN Fab, a contract manufacturer of mechatronics, medical equipment and robotics, a member of Technospark group of companies, has launched the production of bodies for Eidos Medicine electronic surgery simulators.

Photo by Eidos Medicine

TEN fab already manufactures skeletons for Eidos Medicine patient simulator robots and the new contract increases the number of product types.

The surgery simulator is an apparatus comprising a set of electronic modules. Connected to a patient robot, the simulator imitates the conditions of various medical procedures:  patient’s blood pressure, heat rate, settings of medical apparatus and other parameters. Doctors and students are trained on the electronic simulators to get the skills necessary for a medical procedure. In particular, Eidos Medicine produce laparoscopic and endovascular surgery simulators.


The contract manufacturing helped us free our production capacity for new product types and this January we increased the number of items contracted at TEN fab by outsourcing production of the bodies for simulator apparatus to this company

Alexei Fedorov, leading quality control engineer, Eidos-Medicine

To produce the bodies, TEN fab uses its CNC laser cutting, bending and milling machines. High precision of body elements ensures good fitting of the electronic modules in the apparatus. This is one of the conditions for correct and flawless operation of the device throughout the duration of its service life.

Eidos Medicine company is engaged in the development and production of high-tech medical simulators which are supplied to medical clinics and universities of Russia, the USA, Japan and Europe.

TEN fab belongs to the TEN group, a group of contract-based businesses of TechnoSpark that comprises the entire cycle of contemporary contract-based production: engineering, industrial design, additive production, composite production and engineering, industrial design, and assembly.

Source: TEN fab

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