February 10, 2020

TechnoSpark once again recognised to make largest contribution to Troitsk development

On February 8, 2020, Alexander Narchuk, CEO of TEN.MedPrint, a company that specialises in additive manufacturing of implants for reconstruction of bones and joins and a member of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, became a holder of the Person of the Year award in the nomination of Innovations and Business for his contribution to Troitsk development.

Photo by Troitsk city administration Media Service

Troitsk is a science city located within Moscow. This is the place where the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and 10 scientific institutes located their campus. The Person of the Year is an annual award established by Troitsk Administration and given on the Day of Russian Science. The award has a city-wide nature and encourages outstanding previous-year services of those who have made a sufficient contribution to Troitsk urban district development or creation of its positive image, whose activities have given a boost to scientific, cultural, sports, public, political and economics potential of Troitsk.

TEN.MedPrint produces customized additive endoprotheses and other medical items; it is one of the leaders of the currently forming Russian market of additive manufacturing. The endoprotheses printed by TEN.MedPrint changed the life of hundreds of patients suffered from traumas and cancer – the surgeries they had undergone would not have been possible without the 3D printing.


This award jointly belongs to the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, which made it possible for the technology business to exist in Troitsk, and the TEN.MedPrint employees, who around-the-clock produce high quality implants to increase life quality of people from all over the country who have suffered from heavy injuries and major surgeries.

Alexander Narchuk, TEN.MedPrint CEO

In 2019 TEN.MedPrint managed to achieve a lot, namely:

  • To increase the production volume several times. TEN.MedPrint endoprotheses are already supplied to clinics of Moscow, European region of Russia, North-West and Urals. Hundreds of individual endoprotheses made by TEN.MedPrint were used in various surgeries. The technology of individual endoprosthesis replacement gives an opportunity of high quality life after traumas and bone resections.
  • To launch first Russian batch production of intervertebral fusion cages made by 3D printing. These cages will be included into quota in Russia instead of the outdated plastic ones.
  • To obtain a certificate of ISO 13485-2017, the latest international quality control standard.
  • To reach the final of the OEE Award in the nomination of Smart Production Equipment.
  • Alexander Narchuk became a working group member of the Association of Experts in Medical 3D Printing. The group has been organised to develop recommendations for application of the individual additive implants. The unified standard will simplify the application of latest technologies for the entire process chain – doctors, engineers, manufacturers – and it will make it more reliable for patients as well.
  • To test Laevo exoskeleton reducing the operator’s load when he or she discharges a 3D printer.
  • To receive the Russian Nanotechnology Production Marking, which confirms that the customised additive products are safe, innovative, of high quality and made in Russia.

In 2019 the TechnoSpark Group of Companies also was marked at the Person of the Year award – Troitsk Engineering Center CEO Yevgeny Gorsky was awarded in the nomination of Innovations and Bussiness, and Denis Kovalevich, CEO and shareholder of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, received the award in the special nomination of the city head.

Source: Media Service of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies

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