February 25, 2020

TEN fab manufactured body parts and decoration for 5-meter chandelier to be installed in largest European Orthodox Cathedral / TEN fab

In February 2020, TEN Fab, a contract manufacturer of mechatronics, medical equipment and robotics, a member of Technospark group of companies, manufactured chandelier components for one of the largest Russian cathedrals. The order was placed by Kremlin Bronze.

Photo by Kremlin Bronze

TEN fab made decorations, latticework and body elements for a chandelier to be installed in a side chapel of the Main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces. Earlier in 2019, contracted by the Kremlin Bronze company, TEN fab manufactured decorative elements and milled casting moulds and brass blanks for another church chandelier.

The Main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Europe. Its construction is ongoing in Patriot Park, Moscow Region. According to the Moscow Patriarchate, with the area of 11 thousand square meters, the Cathedral will have room for 6000 people.

The octagon chandelier of the Byzantine style is entirely made of brass – soft copper-based nonoxidizing alloy of gold color – and decorated with stained glass and mosaic. The chandelier is five meters in diameter.

Photo by TEN fab

Brass is often used to produce artware and interior features. Precise and high-quality processing of this soft metal require special tools, appropriate speed of rotation and feeding system. TEN fab engineers selected correct accessories and operation modes to produce decorative elements with nice and smooth ends.


We needed technical assistance to manufacture the brass components. We were looking for a contractor having high-precision equipment and able to produce decorative elements of high and stable quality in large amounts, besides, we were looking for someone having the experience of working with nonferrous materials. Having the work made by TEN fab in 2019 assessed in terms of time and quality, we made a contract with them for manufacturing of the chandelier elements for the side chapel.

Kremlin Bronze CEO Tatyana Ermolaeva

The Kremlin Bronze company produces bronze and brass artware. The company makes high-priced pendant luminaires, clocks, railings and other interior and exterior features.

TEN fab belongs to the TEN group, a group of contract-based businesses of TechnoSpark that comprise the entire cycle of contemporary contract-based production: engineering, industrial design, additive production, composite production and engineering, industrial design, and assembly.

Source: TEN fab

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