March 27, 2020

TEN Optics launched production of light filters for remote power supply line monitoring / Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

TEN Optics, part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and a company producing optic coatings of advanced complexity on a contract basis, launched the supplies of light filters for power supply line monitoring 10 times cheaper than their counterparts.

Photo by TEN Optics

TEN Optics developed a method for producing a coating of a solar-blind bandpass filter with blocking of visual and SWIR ranges with the OD up to 15. Such a light filter fully blocks the sun light and transmits only a part of the ultra-violet spectrum. This facilitates the detection of corona discharge or wildfire outbreaks even on sunny days.

Existing counterparts of the light filters either lose in such parameters as transmission and depth of suppression, or are 10 times more expensive.

The most complicated part of producing the solar-blind filters is their high-precision coating made of a very large amount of optic layers. There are more than 400 optic layers in the TEN Optics filter. Besides, the TEN Optics light filters are considerably lighter and more compact than their more expensive counterparts.

Solar-blind light filters are used in specialized devices for a routine patrol of the power supply lines to diagnose their condition; they are also used in large aircraft for detection of forest fire outbreaks. Due to reduced cost of the filter and its key element size, a spectral camera can be installed to unmanned aerial vehicles. This will increase the efficiency and reduce the initial costs of power supply line diagnostic and fire-prevention activities.

TEN Optics has already received orders for a batch of special-purpose solar-blind filters.

TEN Optics contract service produces complex precision coatings for precise optics using the best equipment in this category, including Buhler LEYBOLD OPTICS SYRUS Pro 710 – an electron-beam evaporation unit with direct optical closed-loop monitoring system. Based in the TEN Optics company, the optic coating unit producer Buhler created its first and only showroom in Russia to demonstrate the capacity of its equipment.

Source: Media Office of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs


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