March 30, 2020

Beer Genomics biotech-startup starts producing yeasts on a by-order basis to support beer manufacturers during the crisis

Biological laboratory of Beer Genomics, a part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, has launched a service for brewer’s yeast propagation, which will be useful for craft brewers in the conditions of delayed deliveries of yeast strains from abroad.

Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

Yeasts are the main component of beer that provides its taste and smell. They are responsible for the level of alcohol content. In mass brewing industry, manufacturers use dry yeast, while craft brewers prefer live, liquid yeast, as this is the form of the yeast strains’ greatest variety.

The majority of yeast strains used by Russian craft brewers are foreign-made. In connection with the anti-epidemic measures taken around the world, international deliveries of the strains are delayed.

Biological laboratory of Beer Genomics, specializing in genetic services for brewery, has launched an yeast laboratory for propagating necessary amount of yeasts from a 10 ml sample of original liquid yeasts. The process takes a week. Apart from propagating yeasts, the laboratory monitors their quality and purity, counts cells and advises brewers on production technology.


Craft breweries often exit in the form of small enterprises, therefore interruption in deliveries may represent a critical problem for them. Yeast propagation and product quality control are technological processes which require specific knowledge, equipment, qualification and investments in laboratories; it is obvious that small enterprises do not have enough resources to implement these processes on their own.

Yulia Dolgopolova, Director of Beer Genomics

Beer Genomics specializes in regeneration and propagation of yeast cultures for craft brewery. Besides, it provides services for yeast deposition and contamination control at craft manufactures by using precise genetic methods.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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