April 01, 2020

Full vision examination is 90 seconds / Optic MAGAZINE

The 26th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF) was held from February 11 to February 13. We interviewed Ekaterina Khodunova, Visionix Rus CEO and Sergey Nazarov, the company CMO.

Photo: Aberrometer EyeRefract Visionix / Visionix Rus

— How do you justify the choice of the equipment and opthalmology area?

— TechnoSpark, our parent company, creates from scratch, develops and sells companies in a wide range of technological domains. It is a part of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of the RUSNANO Group. The production of high-precision medical technologies is an area of primary interest of TechnoSpark. In 2016, Luneau Technology Operations, a European company, which had bought an Israeli startup Visionix, refused from approaching Russian market, therefore shareholders from the two companies decided to localize Visionix trademark in Russia. At that moment some well-known brands already held their positions on the opthalmological equipment market, and it could be quite difficult for Luneau Technology to enter the Russian market with standard approach to distribution.

— What is the extent of localization?

— Now Visionix Rus is localizing general appliances, such as autorefractometers VX130+, VX120+ и VX120+ Dry Eye. It is also in the process of medical equipment registration. The main aim is to localize 50% of the equipment cost in Russia. This is a stage-by-stage process and we need several years to implement it. Visionix Rus started localization activities in 2018. We are at the very beginning, but our aim is to obtain the status of manufacturer in Russia.

— Are there any segments of opthalmological equipment that you put the emphasis on?

— Visionix Rus specializes in diagnostic equipment for large federal-level clinics, private clinics and optician’s salons. Autorefractometer VX130+ enables full vision examination in 90 seconds. Using EyeRefract system, which is now in the process of registration, it is possible to issue an eyeglasses prescription in five or seven minutes with due consideration of all measurement methods.


Visionix Rus localizes, sells and provides support of the opthalmological equipment production on the Russian and international markets. It was established in 2017 by the French-Israeli concern Luneau Technology Operations and the TechnoSpark Group of Companies.

— How much space does the equipment take at the premises?

— EyeRefract system takes a minimum of five metres. However, the system can be adapted to the smaller areas due to the adjustable mirrors. It won’t influence the quality of examination.

— Is it hard to work with EyeRefract?

— A specialist is required to remember the sequence of activities and understand the principles of the equipment work. That is all. The interface is translated into the Russian language.

— How does the device differ from its counterparts?

— Dynamic vision examination is similar to a full-length movie. This examination implies that brain takes up a picture as a whole, instead of perceiving it as a sequence of ‘slides’. EyeRefract adjusts lens very quickly in real-time mode. It is the patient who controls the process of refraction, and the specialist is only an operator of this activity. This is the key difference from classic kinds of the refraction.

— Which other features of the device can be of interest for an optician’s salon owner?

— It saves the labour of qualified specialists. If the patient comes wearing glasses, which were prescribed more than three months ago, the EyeRefract system will automatically generate a new eyeglass prescription with the accuracy of 99%.

— How will the device solve the dry eye syndrome problem?

— A new system VX120+Dry Eye is capable of determining a tear film breakup. It detects all physiological deviations in real-time mode. Visual demonstration is a convincing way to advise the patient on the necessity of treatment; it facilitates prescribing right medications.

— What other equipment can the company offer for optician’s salons?

— All Visionix equipment is suitable for salons. VX130+ allows for a detailed eye examination using retro-backlight, which is capable of detecting cataract, vitreous body opacity, scars and other eye problems. The device can detect elevated intraocular pressure in the process of diagnostic at salon. We also offer slit lamp VX75, phoropters VX55 and VX60, displays with dynamic and linear polarization and automatic lensmeters.

— How long does the equipment delivery take?

— The equipment registered in Russia can be delivered to a client the next day after the order, if it is available at stock. We deliver the equipment on a by-order basis in the period from 30 to 60 days with its installation and personnel training included. Our specialists are regularly certified by Luneau Technology. Apart from the stock, we have our own service center. We can install the equipment any day convenient for the client.

— How developed is the regional network?

— Our company has concluded agreements with several distributers of high-tech multifunctional equipment; the distributers specialize in the sphere of ophtalmology and vision diagnostic. Thanks to the distributors, Visionix Rus is present in the central part of Russia, Urals, Siberia and partly in the Far Eastern Federal District. Other territories can receive the company’s services through our own sales department.

— Does the company have the programmes on engaging young professionals to work with the equipment?

— If a company is interested in Visionix products, we are ready to hold promotion events and train our client’s employees. Our devices are a step forward towards optimization and automation of ophtalmologic equipment.

— Which specialists do you recommend to work with your equipment?

— Our equipment can be used by attending doctors, as well as by mid-level health professionals and optometrists.

— Which are the growth prospects?

— The company is in the process of registering the rest of the line. Our main goal for the year 2020 is finishing the registration. The second goal, which is equally important, is sales development and revenue growth. The third goal is to increase our presence in the regions.

Source: OM Technologies No.1(15) 2020
Author:  Olga Mosheeva

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