April 03, 2020

TechnoSpark contract services join #3Dfordoctors initiative on design and 3D printing of deficient medical items

TechnoSpark additive services and startups will participate in manufacturing 3D-printed parts and other items for combating coronavirus within the framework of #3Dfordoctors, All-Russia project, which was launched on April 3, 2020, both by СML AT Medical, an engineering contract company within North-West Technology Transfer Center in Saint-Petersburg, and 3DToday, an All-Russia community of 3D-printer owners.

CML AT Medical specializes in designing medical devices. The company has already designed and manufactured the first lot of tube prototypes for AVL valves and protective shield masks. Both products were handed over for testing. The company is available for orders associated with medical items needed by doctors. A 3D-model will be timely designed and verified, and then, through the collaboration with 3DToday and entire community of 3D-printer owners, it will be directed to the nearest 3D printing shop throughout the country.

#3Dfordoctors project was launched as a response to the heightened needs of medical workers, who are now at the front line of combating coronavirus infection. “For the last few weeks we received a considerable amount of repetitive requests from doctors, who asked for single-use tubes for AVL valves and protective shield masks. After the first stage of our work, when we handed over 50 shield masks and 20 tubes for testing, it became clear that we must take our experience to a new level. This is the reason why we supported the initiative of 3DToday to unite the efforts of 3D-printer owners from all over the country. For our part, we will make all newly designed 3D models publicly available with the description of printing modes and materials,” said Yana Chekryzhova, Director General of CML AT Medical.


Technospark contract services are ready to promptly produce necessary component parts required for effective work of doctors in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. Numerous capabilities of additive technologies can be applied for medical purposes. It is possible to manufacture plastic and metallic components needed to repair medical equipment, individual items and adapt the devices for systematic work.

Oleg Lysak, Director of TechnoSpark Contract Businesses

Oleg Lysak expressed his hope that #3Dfordoctors project will open new prospects of 3D-printing technology for national clinical medicine, which have been underestimated before. It will introduce additive technologies into the everyday life of doctors.

In many countries, well-coordinated work of 3D-printer owners eliminated the deficiency of AVL valves, protective shield masks and other medical devices required for successful combating and treatment of coronavirus infection.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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