April 06, 2020

TechnoSpark startup offers equipment for non-contact vision examination

Visionix multifunctional ophthalmic diagnostic devices produced by Visionix Rus, a part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and a subsidiary of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs within RUSNANO Group, allow for diagnostic examination in accordance with WHO sanitary recommendations in the conditions of quarantine.

In the period of #covid19 the standards of healthcare services have become more significant than ever before. We offer fully automated diagnostic devices VX120+ and VX130+, which are capable of taking all necessary measurements, maintaining safe distance between a patient and a specialist (1-2.5 m).

Ekaterina Khodunova, Visionix Rus CEO

Despite mass focus on coronavirus, other diseases did not disappear. According to WHO, about 30% of people have vision impairments. WHO indicated that a significant amount of time spent indoors is a key factor for myopia development.

Untimely diagnostic and untreated vision abnormalities result in fatigue, vestibular system disorders, constant headaches, deterioration and even loss of vision. In accordance with the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus, ophthalmological clinics are included in the list of medical enterprises which must continue their work.

Visionix autorefractometers are capable of full vision diagnostic in automatic mode for 30 parameters. There is a special support with single-use covering for head fixation. The examination takes 90 seconds.

  • The examination takes place automatically in seven main parameters.
  • To fix the patient’s head, a stand with a one-time coating is used, the surfaces of the device are adapted for processing with disinfectants.
  • The specialist and the patient during the diagnosis can be at a safe distance and even in different rooms.
  • All information from the Visionix device is uploaded to the medical information system (MIS) and can be sent to remote decision centers via secure channels.
  • Visionix devices can be used in telemedicine technology.

Photo by Visionix Rus

The innovation equipment developed by Visionix, an Israeli startup (in 2013 bought by Luneau, a European company) can replace a whole diagnostic room.  The equipment is produced in Russia by Visionix Rus since the end of 2019. Visionix VX 120+/130+ devices are designed for ophthalmological clinics and optician’s salons.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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