April 15, 2020

TechnoSpark hands over 300 kg of 3D printing material to make components for combating COVID-19 / Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

On April 15, nanotechnology centers of RUSNANO Group handed over 300 kg of PrintProduct plastic to volunteers of the #3Dfordoctors (#3Dврачам) initiative, who will print the deficient single-use components for masks and other items used by medical workers for combating COVID-19.  This amount will be enough to manufacture about 5,000 protective mask adapters or face shield headbands. If necessary, the nanocenters are ready to provide up to one tonne of additional plastic.

Photo by #3Dfordoctors

This way the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and the North-West Technology Transfer Center (NWTTC), being a part of the investment network established by the RUSNANO Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, supported the all-Russian #3Dfordoctors initiative. The initiative volunteers collect requests from the medical staff combating the coronavirus infection and send them to the nearest 3D-printer owner participating in the initiative. “Today our volunteers act as consolidators of separate 3D-makers into an integrated system. We could not stand aside from the flexible and dynamic work of the initiative participants aimed to establish a network of those who want to help the doctors,” said Daniil Kovalchuk, NWTTC CEO.

Companies of the TechnoSpark Group have been involved in the #3Dfordoctors volunteer movement as well. “Considering such well-coordinated work of the volunteers, we are ready to provide them with up to one tonne of the material, if necessary,” confirmed Denis Kovalevich, CEO of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies.

“There is just one way how separate additive technology manufacturers will be able to help the doctors around the country to combat COVID-19 – they should unite their efforts and develop unified printing protocols,” reassures Alexander Boyko, one of the leaders of the Saint-Petersburg volunteer movement and Chief Technology Officer of the CML AT Medical contract engineering company within the NWTTC. “We will definitely continue sharing the newly created 3D-models of medical parts and descriptions of the print modes,” said Alexander Boyko.

For mere two weeks, the #3Dfordoctors volunteer movement has organized the production process, and in cooperation with the Saint-Petersburg’s makers has already handed over 2,054 adapters of different types (full-face respirators PPM-88 and snorkeling masks) and 952 face shields to the doctors. According to the volunteers, from day to day, they receive more and more requests, including from chief physicians. The doctors and hospitals can make a request on the CML AT Medical website. Right there 3D-enthusiasts can join the network of makers and receive links to 3D-projects with recommendations on the print settings depending on their printer type.

Such online-platforms on 3D-printing for combating the coronavirus infection are getting launched by companies all over the world: AP-HP French medical network and Formlabs producer of 3D-printers connect the makers with the ones who need help; Materialise 3D-print software developer designs and publicly shares 3D-models of auxiliary items; Stratasys producer of industrial 3D-printers and materials for 3D printing has mobilized global resources of 3D-printer owners network for the production of face shields.

Source: Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO

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