April 15, 2020

TechnoSpark provides volunteers with material for 3D printing of protective mask adapters / TASS

The company handed over 300 kg of plastic for 3D printing. Using this material the volunteers will be able to print more than 5,000 specialized items.

Photo by #3Dfordoctors

MOSCOW, April 15. /TASS/. According to the RUSNANO media office, on Wednesday, the nanotechnology centers of RUSNANO Group handed over 300 kg of 3D printing material to Saint-Petersburg’s volunteers, who will print the protective mask adaptors used by medical workers to combat coronavirus.  Moreover the companies expressed their readiness to increase this amount up to one tonne.

“The nanotechnology centers of RUSNANO Group handed over 300 kg of plastic for 3D-printing to the volunteers of the #3Dfordoctors (#3Dврачам) initiative. They will print deficient single-use components of masks and other items used by medical staff for combating the coronavirus infection. It will allow to manufacture about 5,000 protective mask adapters or face shield headbands. If such a need arises, we are ready to provide up to one tonne of plastic,” conveys the message.

This way the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and the the North-West Technology Transfer Center (NWTTC), being a part of the investment network established by the RUSNANO Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, supported the all-Russian #3Dfordoctors initiative. The volunteers collect requests from medical workers combating the coronavirus infection and send them to the project participants, who distribute the requests to the nearest 3D-printer owners participating in the initiative.

For just two weeks of such work, the #3Dfordoctors volunteer movement has organized the production process, and in cooperation with activists from Saint-Petersburg has already handed over 2,000 adapters of different types and almost 1,000 face shields. “Considering such well-coordinated work of the volunteers, we are ready to provide them with up to one tonne of the material, if necessary,” confirmed Denis Kovalevich, CEO of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies.

Alexander Boyko, one of the leaders of the Saint-Petersburg volunteer movement and Chief Technology Officer of the CML AT Medical contract engineering company within the NWTTC, reassured that the volunteers will make all newly designed 3D models publicly available with the description of printing modes.

The CML AT Medical Company designs medical items at the intersection of medical and engineering spheres of expertise, merging the requirements made by doctors with the specific features of a production technology. The company was established by the efforts of the CompMechLab computer engineering center, which has been pursuing cutting-edge innovations within Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University since 2013. The North-West Technology Transfer Center and the TechnoSpark Group of Companies are a part of the investment network built by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. They perform a full cycle of venture building from a startup creating to its selling. The NWTTC is engaged in such activities as the additive technology application in medicine, nanomaterial and flexible electronics, while TechnoSpark deals with logistic robotics, high-tech medical equipment, diamond optics, industrial microbiology, flexible electronics and more.

Source: TASS

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