April 21, 2020

TEN fab significantly increases coronavirus test kit production

Being a member of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and an affiliate company of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO, TEN fab contract company manufactures high tech equipment and accessories for the projects of their customers.

“At the end of March, TEN fab took up the responsibility to begin the batch production of key components for a mobile coronavirus diagnostic unit. The customer, Evotech-Mirai Genomics Company, is planning to supply the units to Moscow Healthcare Department in the nearest future. The competences featured by TEN fab are unique for Russia in various ways. Today TEN fab is almost the only company able to produce both an individual product and a batch for a reasonable price, with a proper warranty and strictly within the established timeline,” said CEO of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies Denis Kovalevich.

According to him, the main property of any contract production is the ability to increase the output capacity at the moment when the customer needs it.

“The ability to start manufacturing a new technological product in a super-fast manner, deploying a sufficient system of suppliers, at the same time maintaining the manufacture of products for other customers – this flexibility is the main source of the added value created by contract businesses,” he comments.

In its turn, the press service of TechnoSpark remarks that during the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, TEN fab has been producing key components for the portative point-of-care class test kits. During the peak periods, 150 people work in three shifts. For this reason, to keep the working conditions safe for the employees, a complete set of safety measures has been implemented: the temperature of the employees is measured three times a day, every day the entire premises are disinfected and every hour all the surfaces are treated with sanitizer. Since the beginning of April, the layout of the working places has been changed, and now the safe social distance of three meters is being maintained. Starting from this week, the company employees will undergo weekly coronavirus testing.

The company specializes in mechatronics and technological instrument engineering, high-precision mechanical treatment of metals, alloys and plastics using last-generation CNC machines, production of mechatronic components and parts, engineering and batch assembly of complex technological units, including those requiring cleanroom handling.

At all that, TEN fab does not develop its own products, but only puts the projects of its customers into practice, guaranteeing the security of their intellectual property. “We began our work in 2014; since that time, we have completed over three thousand orders for 250 customers. The main customers of the company are small and medium-sized businesses. Those who used to order small batches in China, choose TEN fab today, for we guarantee to keep the IP, to meet the deadline and to provide the quality that complies with the set task,” says TEN fab CEO Oleg Lysak.

The TechnoSpark Group is a part of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. It is engaged in a full cycle of venture development: from the establishment of startups to their sale. The scope of activity of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies in hardware industry includes logistic robotics, energy storage systems, medical high tech equipment, diamond optics, composite braiding, optical and industrial coatings, genomics, industrial microbiology, thin-film integrated photovoltaic systems, additive technologies and flexible electronics. The group has been placed first in the national rankings of the most effective technology parks and rated one of the best in the innovative nomination of the TechUp 2019; it is also a part of the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN).

Source: Ref news

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