April 28, 2020

TechnoSpark. Working during the Pandemic: commented by Denis Kovalevich

Due to the increasing volume of production, TEN fab company of Technospark announced 20 new production vacancies. In this regard, CEO of Technospark Group Denis Kovalevich commented on the current campus working mode:

– As you know, during the last two months we have been producing COVID-19 diagnostic equipment (point-of-care test kits), components for hospital utilities and protective devices. We are working on the possibility to launch the contract production of lung ventilators. Our companies do not suspend the production of robots to substitute people at warehouses and sales points, along with handling the orders of other Russian companies which continue working during the pandemic as we do.


To keep our production facilities going, we learn working in the new circumstances, focusing all our attention on supporting the people’s health.

With regard to all the employees present at the production facility, our working principle is ultimately clear: we do everything to make TechnoSpark a truly safer place than any other social space they may have to visit (shops, drug stores, public transport, entrance halls etc.).

All of our employees without any exceptions are provided with personal protection equipment. The work stations are rearranged to maintain the social distance of minimum two meters. In the morning, 100% of employees undergo temperature control which is repeated in the afternoon. Express disinfection of all key surfaces and restrooms is carried out several times a day; before the beginning of a new shift, all the facilities are completely disinfected with the hot foggers. Starting from this week, the same method will be applied to all the working accessories and the cargo delivered to the facilities.

Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

Every two days the medical company tests all the employees present at the production site. If any of the employees shows a presumptive positive test result, he or she will stay at home, while their work station and the public space will undergo additional disinfection. For every positive test case, the contacts and interactions of the person will be investigated, after which the non-symptomatic employees will be temporarily self-quarantined with the complete salary maintained (regardless of the official sick leave registration).

Everyone who has to stay at home are contacted every day with their health condition and sickness dynamics monitored. If needed, we are ready to help to find opportunities for an additional CT examination. Volunteers from our staff order and deliver groceries to the door of those who need assistance.


Our headquarters that began operating one and a half months ago work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the first half of March, we introduced a large range of restrictions, from handshakes to giving a lift by private cars, from collective smoke breaks to sharing meals.

At that, the headquarters amend and add new items to the previously approved protocols almost every day. Changing common behaviour patterns is a challenging thing; beginning to control one’s every movement in the common space is even harder. But the expansion of attention to a wider range of details and continuous discussions of the matter begin to take their toll: the employees who adjust to the new situation easier act as the in-house “epidemiological guards”.

We do not think we can prevent any infection completely, but we can do our best, firstly, to reduce the epidemic evolution at the company’s production facilities, secondly, not to miss the moment when the self-quarantined employees need our assistance, and, thirdly, to learn how to keep on going in the adverse epidemiological situation. We assume that today’s situation is not temporary; this is a new permanent production factor. It is not a circumstance to “sit out”; this is something to adjust to.

Source: Facebook page of Denis Kovalevich

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