May 26, 2020

Association of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia presents the 5th Annual Review of Russian Technology Parks

The Association of Clusters and Technology Parks (TechnoSpark is one of its members) have prepared the 5th Annual Review of Russian Technology Parks. It is intended to systemize the global technology park development and functioning experience and to present the key operation efficiency indexes of the Russian technology parks. The review based on the data for 2018 was published in May 2020.

In particular, the review presents the results of the 5th National Efficiency Rating of Technology Parks topped by TechnoSpark with the 140% of efficiency compared to the average Russian index values. The rating was based on five subindexes illustrating the innovative and economic activity of the residents, the effectiveness of the management company, the investment attractiveness, information transparency of the technology park and the contribution it makes into the sustainable development of the ecosystem.

The high innovative activity rates of the residents are explained with the unique model of the technology park. TechnoSpark is a key platform of the venture-building nanocenter network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO. Since its establishment, TechnoSpark has developed a successful system for building products and contract technology companies from scratch and within the shortest terms possible, a so-called “conveyor of startups”, attractive for investment.

The technology park residents are the leaders in the volume of investment into the equity capital with over two million rubles of investment per one resident employee. Moreover, based on its results in 2018, the technology park is one of the three best technology parks of Russia in the investment attractiveness level (subindex S4). Besides, TechnoSpark showed good performance in several criteria of the subindex S3 “Efficiency of the technology park’s management company”. In particular, the technology park is rated first in the volume of commercial services provided by the management company (20 thousand rubles per 1 m2 of the total technology park floor area). Such activity yields high budget efficiency, attracting 53.2 rubles of private investment per 1 ruble of budget finance.

The 5th Annual Review of Russian technology parks is available on the website of the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks.

Since 2011, the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks has been uniting the management companies of the technology parks, nanotechnological centers and special economic zones, cluster development centers, specialized industrial cluster associations, Russian regional development corporations and other bodies. The Association facilitates the dialogue of businesses with federal and regional authority bodies and development institutions. The Association representatives are members of expert councils, working groups and commissions of federal legislative and executive authorities.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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