June 09, 2020

TechnoSpark Group member Visionix Rus supports its industry mates in crisis period

As charitable support for the ophthalmological clinics of Russia, ophthalmological diagnostics equipment manufacturer Visionix Rus (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies) has sent protective face shields for the medical staff working during the pandemic. The industry support letter was published on the website of the company.


Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

“Let us express our gratitude for your hard work during the pandemic! We have always sincerely admired your ability to do good and to help people in hard times. During COVID-19 pandemic, heavy duty and responsibility devolved upon your shoulders. We would like to support you with everything we have. We understand the danger of this infection and the importance of personal protective equipment in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visionix Rus, a company presenting professional ophthalmological diagnostic solutions on the Russian market, provides you with the face shields for free to protect you and your colleagues from direct contact with patients,” conveys the letter.

The charitable support of Visionix Rus was sent to the regional branches of the Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex.


We do a lot of effort to make our clinic safe for patients and for doctors. Just like all the others, ophthalmological diseases require timely diagnostics and treatment. All the appointments are booked out for many days ahead, and it is especially important for us to keep all of our doctors “in the ranks”. We are grateful to Visionix for the face visors they sent. Now our staff can use them along with other personal protective equipment.

Ernest Boyko, Director of St. Petersburg branch, Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex

The face shields protect the eyes, respiratory tract and skin from direct exposure to small particles and viruses; prevent incidental touching of the face. They are compatible with other individual protective devices, such as masks, gloves, and overalls. Produced by the TechnoSpark Group of Companies in cooperation with Imprinta company, the light and easy-to-use face visors are made of durable plastic, suitable for disinfection and repeated use. The face shields can be easily adjusted to any head size. They ensure efficient protection of doctors and representatives of other contact professions, such as shop assistants and front-office operators working with customers, couriers, or clerks of the utility service provider companies.

Visionix Rus produces ophthalmological equipment localized in Russia. The product buyers are federal and municipal ophthalmology centers, governmental and private clinics. This is a joint company of Luneau Technology Operations international group and TechnoSpark.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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