June 19, 2020

Anisoprint Company moves its composite printer production from Germany to TechnoSpark

In June 2020, contract mechatronics, robotics, and medical equipment manufacturer TEN fab (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies belonging of the Rusnano Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs investment network) began serial production of Composer A3 and Composer A4 printers by Anisoprint brand on a turnkey basis.

According to the contract, TEN fab produces the printer casing, assembles the internal elements and tests the printers before shipment. This way the customer is delivered an absolutely ready-packed 3D printer. TEN fab and Anisoprint have been cooperating since 2019; at first, TEN fab was only involved in 3D printer casing production.

“As our main market is in Europe, initially, the serial production of Composer printers was located in Germany.  But with the coronavirus pandemic, we made a decision to move it to Russia, as here we can always have a personal contact with the production staff regardless of the international border situations. It makes us confident of the quality of the product we supply to the customers,” said Director General of Anisoprint company Fedor Antonov.


Photo by Anisoprint

Composer 3D printers are capable of printing composite items reinforced with continuous carbon or basalt fibers. The printing head of the printers is equipped with two nozzles: the first one is in charge of co-extrusion, i.e. releasing the mix of the fiber previously treated with special polymer solution and thermoplastic, and the second one provides pure plastic for outer coating and support printing. The models differ in the size of the plot area. Anisoprint technology can be used to print production tools, support brackets, and other aircraft interior elements, spare parts and functional prototypes to be used in various domains, from aircraft engineering to healthcare.

TEN fab produces the parts, assembles the casing, installs the components, connects the electronic items, calibrates the table, tests the printers under the customer’s protocol, and packs the product ready for shipment.


Created by TechnoSpark, this infrastructure does not only compete with the European one but fairly wins the competition. This is the right pattern for the Russian innovation system: the core of the team was formed at Skoltech, and once the company reached the international level, it established a production site in Russia to export its high tech products.

Denis Kovalevich, CEO of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies

TEN fab has accumulated the experience of 3D printer serial production of different difficulty levels: in the year 2019, Imprinta company also moved its 3D plastic printer production to TEN fab.

Anisoprint is a Russian-Luxembourgish company specializing in the development and sales of 3D printers for continuous fiber composite part printing with a broad network of distributors around Europe and Asia.

TEN fab is a part of the TEN Group, a group of the TechnoSpark contract businesses including a full cycle of modern contract production, consisting of engineering, industrial design, additive production, composite production and engineering, industrial design and assembly.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark


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