June 19, 2020

COVID-19 express test Indicator-BIO by TechnoSpark startup passes the state trials / FIEP

Indicator-BIO, a device for coronavirus on-site tests, has successfully passed the state trials. The device was developed by Troitsk Research and Development Center, a company of TechnoSpark group, member of the RUSNANO Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs investment network. The tests were held at the premises of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies.

The Indicator-BIO point-of-care PCR-analyzer was developed as part of the Federal Grant Program of National chemical and biological safety system in cooperation with Pirogov National Research Medical University. The development was started by Troitsk Research and Development Center in 2018.


Indicator-BIO will facilitate implementing the so-called new norm that is to test people in offices, at manufacturing sites, and in remote locations. Together with other epidemiological safety measures, the device will help to stop the spread of the coronavirus and other infections in companies and institutions.

Denis Kovalevich, TechnoSpark CEO

Denis Rebrikov, the development project manager, Vice Rector for Research in Pirogov National Research Medical University, named the small size, mobility, and speedy results to be the main advantages of the device. He says that Indicator-BIO has a battery that ensures the autonomous operation of the device. This feature can be useful for mobile test sites in remote locations. The device uses a Wi-Fi link to transfer test results to the Biological Threat Monitor Center. “All this allows us to perform the tests under almost field conditions,” Denis Rebikov said. “This device is much needed in the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic.”

The device is capable to identify any infection besides coronavirus.


Photo by Alexander Kozhokhin

“The device identifies any infectious pathogens, both viruses and bacteria. It can measure various genetic parameters of a person and spot genetically modified components in food. The set of test targets is defined by a reagent kit on the disposable cartridge. We are ready for mass production and Indicator-BIO is now being preordered,” said Yevgeny Gorsky, Troitsk Research and Development Center CEO.

Polymerase chain reaction (PRC), a high accuracy molecular-genetic diagnostics method, was launched in Indicator-BIO during the state trials at the TechnoSpark premises. The test sample was placed in a microfluidic cartridge and four pathogens were identified in one run without false-positive or false-negative results. Thus the device has proven its specified performances. The Microfluidic cartridges for the test kits were also developed by Troitsk Research and Development Center.


Photo by Alexander Kozhokhin

In March 2020, before the official completion of the device development, experts from Federal Research and Clinical Center of Physical-Chemical Medicine of the Federal Medical Biological Agency demonstrated the test kits and reagents for the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus detection. Indicator-BIO can identify COVID-19 using these test kits and reagents within 15 minutes as compared to 4-5 hours in laboratory PCR.

Troitsk Research and Development Center offers a wide range of high tech engineering services, including the development of optical and electronic systems and appliances, embedded software development, preparation and arrangement of optical and electronic device production.

Source: Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

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