July 08, 2020

TechnoSpark applies new permanent rules for epidemiological safety

The TechnoSpark Group of Companies decided to extend the anti-coronavirus epidemiological safety rules for an indefinite period.

“As the coronavirus infection continues to spread intensely in Russia and all over the world, we decided to keep the recently introduced safety rules applicable up to at least the next summer,” Alexander Zhuravlev, deputy CEO of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies and head of the Epidemiological Safety Office, said.


We managed to integrate the epidemiological safety measures into the daily business processes of our company, to avoid shutdowns, and to keep the hi-tech work stations and employees safe.

Head of TechnoSpark Epidemiological Safety Office Alexander Zhuravlev

From March, all our employees have been following the general safety protocol defining the rules of commuting to work, obtaining the permit to work, and moving within the campus.


Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

“Thanks to mass testing of the staff, we managed to locate and isolate the infected people speedily and prevented the spread of the virus among the mass of people.  We kept our people healthy with no severe cases identified, and this is the main achievement of the four months working in the conditions of the pandemic. We also maintained the continuous operation of our production lines,” Alexander Zhuravlev said.


Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

Over the four months, the work stations both in the office space and in the laboratories and the workshops have changed dramatically. Epidemiological Safety Office made a model of working patterns for all staff groups, from cleaning service to CEOs of the companies, as well as contractors, couriers, and other visitors, and based on this data, optimized the campus space for each group individually. For example, the buildings have been equipped with smart software-controlled air recirculators that can direct the flows of potentially infected air. Barriers were introduced to separate different epidemiological risk groups of the neighboring production sites, excluding their contacts and reducing the cross-contamination risk. Face masks disinfection ovens have been introduced so that the mandatory PPE could be used for a longer time and provide better protection. In the evenings after the employees leave the facilities, the workspace is disinfected by thermal fog.

About a third of the staff continues working from home: they are the back-office experts, the sales department, the account managers, and some engineers and designers.



Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

“Over these four months, we learned how to employ contactless, supervise contract manufacturing orders automatically, we avoided business trips and face-to-face meetings and, paradoxically, all this lead to productivity improvement in many TechnoSpark companies. Those of our companies that adapted to making a profit in these conditions continue to gain momentum in this new normal environment,” Alexander Zhuravlev is convinced.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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