July 20, 2020

TEN composites manufactures complicated composite matrix for long-range drones

July 2020, the supplier of composite solutions, TEN composites (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, RUSNANO group) manufactured a custom-made temperature-resistant composite matrix of a complex shape for production of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) bodies.

Aeroxo will use this matrix by TEN composites for the mass production of carbon bodies for ERA-56 drones. Aeroxo designs and manufactures ERA-56 UAV, a new model featuring a 3.5-meter wingspan, a length of 2 meters, and a flying range of 350 kilometers.


Photo by TechnoSpark

The solid body of complex configuration with many internal angles was specially designed by Aeroxo for this vehicle, the material of the body is to be reinforced carbon. The mass production of such bodies requires a reusable heat resistant matrix, which in its turn was manufactured by TEN composites.


TEN composites was set a very challenging task. The design and the manufacturing of such a matrix is a labor-intensive process requiring precision in calculations and vast experience in the material used, as well as modern manufacturing equipment. But as we have already collaborated with this company, we knew their capabilities and potential.

Oleg Makhonin, Aeroxo commercial director

“And they delivered on our expectations. Within a reasonable time frame, we were presented with the matrix we wanted, without any simplifications or compromise alterations, and we didn’t need to expand our own production. We can manufacture up to 100 drone bodies using this matrix,” Oleg Makhonin, Aeroxo commercial director, said.


Illustration by TechnoSpark

Aeroxo is a Russian designer and manufacturer of multipurpose convertiplane drones. They use the in-house convertiplane aerodynamic design based on the multipurpose platform for any payloads, non-aviation including. In 2019, ERA Aviabike developed by the company made it into the lists of the first three stages of Boeing Go Fly Challenge. The matrices for this device were also manufactured by TEN composites.

TEN composites is a qualified supplier of composite products. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing turn-key solutions of various types. TEN composites develops specifications according to GOST, designs and engineers composite devices, has its own production chain, provides quality management and certification services, and performs maintenance of the products made of polymeric composite materials. It is a member of TEN group, the contract businesses of TechnoSpark rendering the full-cycle production services.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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