September 17, 2020

It takes a day for Zdravprint to make customized orthosis for American basketballer

In September 2020, Zdravprint company, a member of the TechnoSpark group of companies and a manufacturer of customized 3D printed orthoses, produced an orthosis for Luke Petrasek, an American expat player of Nizhny Novgorod basketball club, to replace his plaster cast.

Luke Petrasek, a player of Nizhny Novgorod BC, had suffered a fracture of his right hand radius bone earlier in September. In order to improve the athlete’s life quality during the post-surgery period, the doctor of Nizhny Novgorod BC applied to Zdravprint to manufacture an orthosis that would replace the player’s plaster cast. Within 24 hours, Zdravprint had the design of the orthosis agreed with the doctor, created a 3D model of the product based on the CT data of the hand, printed the orthosis and delivered it to Nizhny Novgorod. The plastic arm brace is made by 3D printing exactly to the basketball player’s size. The orthosis immobilizes the hand reliably at the desired angle of 110º while leaving access to the elbow joint for physiotherapy.


Photo by Nizhny Novgorod BC

In September, using the same technology, Zdravprint manufactured an individual protective mask for Alex Gavrilovic, another player of Nizhny Novgorod basketball club. The product was manufactured per a 3D model generated from the athlete’s face CT data. There was no 3D face scanning, which allowed the customer to receive the mask in a short time.


Regardless of who our client is, we try to save him from complicated and expensive procedures when ordering an individual brace. Zdravprint makes orthoses based on a photograph of an injured body part, but in some cases, a 3D scanning or computed tomography is required. In September, we began using the technology of constructing an orthosis model by CT data. The situation with Luke Petrasek is demonstrative: he received the brace just a day after it was ordered.

Alexander Kosarev, Zdravprint CEO


Photo by Nizhny Novgorod BC

Zdravprint manufactures custom-made orthoses and protective masks — an easy, comfortable and hygienic replacement for plaster casts. Zdravprint makes 3D printed orthoses of hypoallergenic plastic. A custom-made orthosis can be put by a trauma doctor per the instruction. To order an orthosis remotely from any Russian city, visit our website:

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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