October 07, 2020

Artek Braiding – first Russian manufacturer of local fiber composite sleeves for customized prostheses

September 2020, a manufacturer of braided reinforcement for composite products Artek Braiding (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) first in Russia launched the production of carbon sleeves for custom-made prostheses. Besides, carbon and glass fiber used in the production is of Russian origin. The local materials will make high-tech prosthetic devices more affordable for people with a missing body part.

Carbon sleeves are used to manufacture an element of lower limb prosthesis, which fixes the prosthetic device, and ensures proper support and force transfer.

This element is customized for each patient’s needs. Carbon prosthetic devices feature high durability and low weight, which makes them reliable and comfortable. On top of that, seamless prostheses made of composite sleeves endure much higher load than similar products with a seamed design.

Photo by Artek Braiding

Artek Braiding produces sleeves from 60 to 150 mm in diameter using local glass and carbon fiber with the high strength factor. Similar material is used for the production of modern aircraft high-load components. Customized prostheses must be extremely durable because they are subject to high loads when used and intended for long-term operation.


Although Russian carbon fiber has certain peculiarities, our radial braiding machine is capable of manufacturing high-quality forms from this material. Due to the lesser cost of the local materials as compared to imported ones, the Artek Braiding sleeves for prosthetic devices are considerably more affordable than the analogs.

Nikolay Volkov, Composite Cluster CEO

At present, about 40 thousand prosthetic devices are manufactured every year, most of which are modular and only about a third of them is made of light-weight and durable composite materials. Every year, the State allocates 6 billion rubles for rehabilitation and prosthetics. This includes the production of prosthetic devices and their associated components.

Artek Braiding manufactures braided composite sleeves for various industry sectors, including sport, construction, and medicine.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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