October 12, 2020

Goznak accelerator won by Russian Flexible Electronics Center from TechnoSpark / Rusnano

Russian Flexible Electronics Center (a part of the TechnoSpark group of companies which operates within the Rusnano Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) has become one of the finalists of the corporate acceleration program, organized by the Goznak state company, and has been offered a strategic partnership.

Within the scope of the GOZNAK STARTUP LAB accelerator, the TechnoSpark’s company worked out options for using various flexible electronics elements in Goznak products and had them tested in the Goznak technological process. Following the results of the corporate acceleration program, the companies have proceeded to a strategic partnership, planning to cooperate on new products created with the use of flexible thin-film electronics technologies.

Photo by TechnoSpark

Supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), the GOZNAK STARTUP LAB accelerator was selecting projects from April to June 2020. The jury received 179 technology team applications, ten of them succeeded to attend the acceleration program. October 2020, only four startups have come through to the final stage and have been proposed various options for a strategic partnership with Goznak.


Having conducted an accelerator, we got an exciting experience of interaction with an innovative business environment. I am confident of this to be essential for generating progressive ideas and improving the corporation’s technological performance.

Yury Volodin, Head of Accelerator, Chief Strategy Officer, Goznak

Opened at TechnoSpark in March 2020, the Russian Flexible Electronics Center is an industrial manufacturer of components based on the breakthrough technology of thin-film plastic electronics for a wide range of electronic devices, such as displays, sensors or integrated microcircuits. Within the company’s sphere of influence, a new technology cluster for flexible and printed electronics is being developed.

Source: Rusnano

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