November 12, 2020

The TechnoSpark companies got to the finals of the competition of sport and technology startups

Two Technospark startups (members of the investment network of RUSNANO Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs), InMotion and JarHead, became the finalists of Sport Tech competition of sport and technology startups in November 2020.

This is the first time the Sport Tech competition is held by the Moscow innovative cluster. Its mission is to find and to successfully implement new innovative decisions developed to cater to the technological requests of sports companies: Spartak FC, World Class fitness club chain, InStat sports performance analysis company etc. In total, 321 applications were submitted for the competition; 30 of them reached the finals, including InMotion (professional trackers for team sports) and JarHead (brain concussion sensor) from TechnoSpark. The Demo-day of the competition is November, 26.


For effective competition, sport companies need to develop more and more innovations, and technology startups provide the corporations an affordable way to acquire the new solutions that can directly increase their profit. Pilot projects with startups are a way of testing a new idea within a short period of time to make a decision on investment or even purchase of the startup.

Development Director of "Sport as Business" platform, project manager of Strategium Conference, a partner of the competition, Mark Liepinsh

InMotion develops professional trackers for team sports. The trackers collect the biometrics and location data of the athletes, and the digitalized data can be used by coaches, performance analysts, scouts, and media. The tracker prototypes were successfully tested at a football match in August 2020.

JarHead company develops a brain concussion sensor for athletes, a shock-sensitive device fixed on the helmet. The sensor reacts to shocks with the impact power exceeding the preset value.


The sensor is not intended to diagnose brain concussion; it measures the acceleration and if the preset minimum safe value is exceeded, advises the athlete to consult a doctor about a possible brain concussion.

Director of TechnoSpark Sports Cluster Maxim Belitsky

Deputy Director General – Chairman of the Board of the Rugby Union of Russia remarked that the mitigation of injuries in rugby and, particularly, prevention of head injuries, is one of the top medical challenges of the world rugby, and the solutions to this challenges may significantly benefit when the traditional methods are supplemented with modern technologies.

After the pitching session, the TechnoSpark startups began pilot project negotiations with new companies. For example, the Rugby Union of Russia is planning pilot trials of the devices offered by both companies of TechnoSpark.


We are using the sensors collecting a broad range of data during the training and the matches, and we would be interested in trying the solutions produced in Russia, since they can be more modern, affordable and flexible to adjust to our future needs. This is why we studied both project with great interest, and this is why we hope to cooperate for the pilot trial in the nearest future.

Deputy Director General - Chairman of the Board of the Rugby Union of Russia Pavel Bugrov

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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