November 25, 2020

Russian Center for Flexible Electronics of TechnoSpark became an awardee of Priority Prize / Rusnano

On the 24th of November, at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow the winners of the Priority 2.0 national competition in the implementation of effective advanced technologies were announced. Among the winners, four companies of Rusnano Group were listed.

In the nomination for “Electronics and Robotics”, the prize was awarded to Russian Center for Flexible Electronics for the first industrial thin-film plastic electronic technology-based production in Russia. The Center began its operation in March 2020 and became the largest project of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies (part of the investment network of Rusnano Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) with the support of the Government of Moscow. The company carries out prototyping and small-scale production of key components for a wide spectrum of devices: TFT matrices (thin-film transistor matrices) for displays (e-papers, LCD screens and OLED displays) and sensors (biometric sensors, X-ray detectors, etc.), as well as microelectronic integrated circuits for RFID tags and sensors. The technology of FlexEnable (UK) for manufacturing flexible organic TFT matrices on plastic substrate has been transferred to the new production facility and scaled up. In the near future, the transfer of technologies for production of flexible metal oxide (IGZO — Indium Gallium Zink Oxide) TFT matrices and microelectronic integrated circuits from R&D centers of IMEC (Belgium) and Holst Centre (Netherlands) will be completed.


The Russian Center for Flexible Electronics provides Russian companies with an access to a breakthrough technology, at the same time contributing into the development of a new global market, a market of thin-film plastic electronics. Within the next 3-5 years, Russia will succeed in becoming a leader in the market and begin cooperating with the top European companies. The cluster of small and medium-sized companies developing new products in the niche of flexible plastic sensors and single-use plastic tags is beginning to emerge in our country; the contract manufacturing provides the resources for development and scaling works.

Director General of the Russian Center for Flexible Electronics Alexei Gostomelsky

“An awesome project. This case is something every Russian should be proud of”, said the Chairman of the Experts Council of the Priority prize, Director of the International Fund of Technological Development Vadim Kulikov at the award ceremony. At the beginning of November, he visited the production site of the Russian Center for Flexible Electronics in Troitsk with the Experts’ Tour. Now he advises everyone to get to know this unique project.

Geosplit LLC (portfolio company of Rusnano Sistema Fund) won in the nomination of “Oil and Gas Industry” for the development of the technology of digital modelling of mineral fields and underground hydrocarbon deposits with the quantum marker-based reservoir monitoring. In the “Overcoming” nomination, TestGen company of ULNANOTECH Ulyanovsk Nanocenter was awarded for its high-precision genetic CoV-2-Test system for the identification of COVID-19 infection. NANOLEK LLC (portfolio company of RUSNANO in the years 2011-2019) was awarded in the nomination of “Localization of production” for the drug HUNTERASE® for the treatment of Hunter Syndrome, a rare genetic disease.

Source: Rusnano

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