December 03, 2020

Russian Center for Flexible Electronics – Partner in the development and production of the world’s first flexible display with full-colored electronic paper

The Russian Center for Flexible Electronics has become the key partner for the regular production of the thin-film TFT matrices for the world’s first flexible display with full-colored electronic paper based on the plastic electronics presented  on the 3rd of December, 2020 by E Ink company, the world’s leader in “electronic paper” manufacturer.

The new colored display is flexible, light, and strong due to the plastic TFT matrix, capable of projecting the full spectrum of colors. Just like other electronic ink displays, it does not reflect the sun and consumes extremely little energy. Thin and light, these displays are perfect for mobile devices the market of which has been tremendously growing. According IdTechEX, it is expected to exceed $150 billion per year by 2026.


Russian Center for Flexible Electronics is a production partner of the project for the development of the first flexible colored screen with a plastic TFT matrix. The screen is made with thin-film organic TFT matrices and light-reflecting electronic paper capable of projecting the fullest color in every pixel. The R&D for the project was made by E Ink and Plastic Logic companies. The flexible full-color electronic paper display samples will be accessible for the electronic manufacturers this year.


Flexible electronics make it possible to create new high-demand products with a full electronic paper display, such as energy-efficient signboards, individual design bracelets, clothes with strong and convenient-to-wear screens, interior decoration elements, and we are ready to supply their key components.

Director General of the Russian Center for Flexible Electronics Alexei Gostomelsky

Russian Center for Flexible Electronics (TEN flecs international brand) is the only company in Russia that implemented the advanced flexible electronics technology into industrial production. The plant prototypes and manufactures the key components for the displays and sensors based on the organic and metal oxide technology of the thin-film flexible electronics. Russian Center for Flexible Electronics is a part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies that belongs to the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Education Programs of the RUSNANO Group. The production was launched in March 2020 at the plant located in New Moscow (Troitsk town).

Photo by Media Office of TechnoSpark

At the present moment, the full-color electronic paper displays are produced on a hard substrate to be used on advertising carriers not requiring any flexible form factors. The flexible electronics technology expands the scope of electronics to the domains where thin and light displays are required.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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