December 14, 2020

Contract manufacturing of TechnoSpark adopted an international contract manufacturing management standard

TEN Group, the contract companies of TechnoSpark, had the quality of their contract manufacturing management verified to comply with the international standards, making it easier for the customers to export the manufactured equipment.

The process audit was carried out by TUV, an Australian company. International Certificates of Conformity to ISO 9001-2015 standard for the contract manufacturers of one-of-a-kind and small batch high-tech items were issued to TEN Fab, the contract manufacturer of mechatronics, robotics and medical equipment, as well as to the contract additive manufacturers TEN Print and TEN MedPrint.

ISO 9001 certificates are issued to confirm that the contract execution process of TEN Fab is standardized to comply with the legal requirements: all the items are manufactured of the materials of verified origin, using certified equipment and with the effort of qualified staff, the finished product is subject to standardized quality control and is proved to conform to the specification attached to the design documentation. The same quality management system is employed by the top contract manufacturer of Europe, VDL Group.

“For Russian companies, ISO certification makes export of their products abroad much easier: it provides the customers with the full package of the export documents and verifies the product origin. Successful ISO 9001 certification is a proof of our readiness to large-scale cooperation with companies from all countries of the world. For instance, we are already producing 3D printers for Anisoprint company representing the European market on a turnkey basis”, shared the Commercial Director of TEN Group, Yury Bocharov.

TEN Group unites the contract business of TechnoSpark that maintain the full cycle of modern contract manufacturing, including engineering, industrial design, additive and composite production, and assembly. TEN Fab specializes in high-precision mechanical treatment and assembly. Among the products the company produces under the contracts there are some technically sophisticated items, such as logistic robots. TEN MedPrint manufactures additive titanium endoprotheses to order, and TEN Print offers additive metal items for industrial purposes.

ISO 9001 Certificates of Conformity

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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