December 20, 2020

Tournament of Three Sciences invited TechnoSpark School of Entrepreneurship as an external expert

In December 2020, the TechnoSpark School of Entrepreneurship became an external expert at the Federal Student Tournament of Three Sciences known to support students in deciding on their development path and getting a sense of the required competencies.

The Tournament of Three Sciences is a space for interaction between students, the business community, and government authorities, with subsequent employment of talented participants. This year, the two self-identification types, these are research (in science) and managerial (in corporations), were added by the third one —entrepreneurial.


TechnoSpark consistently pays attention to working with students. We wish there were more and more young people deliberately choosing the technology entrepreneurship path.

Anna Elashkina, Head of the TechnoSpark School of Entrepreneurship

By virtue of the Build a Company. Sell the Company online game, the Tournament participants tried on the technology entrepreneur role and got acquainted with the key business concepts at their fingertips. These concepts were a product, a technology, a company, investments, and labor productivity. In the course of the game, the Tournament participants who are well-versed in science got an opportunity to make sense of the interrelation between technical inventions and business.

Based on the digital trace left by the players, the game robot analyst generated profile checklists of the players’ current entrepreneurial competencies. Such diagnostic assessment checklists allow future entrepreneurs to form their plans for self-development and movement towards creating their own technology startup. The business game winners were awarded certificates, gifts, and positive reviews from the School of Entrepreneurship.

In addition, the TechnoSpark representatives joined the refereeing of scientific battles and assessed the potential of scientific problems solved by the participants from the point of solution technology effectiveness, evaluating the participants’ ability to maintain their positions and to carry on a complicated subject conversation as well.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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