December 22, 2020

Moscow company donated two thousand face shields to the doctors of Tobolsk / Tyumen line

Two thousand protective face shields (visors) were donated to the Regional Hospital No. 3 in Tobolsk by the Moscow company TechnoSpark of RUSNANO Corporation.

The visors provide additional protection to the paramedics, hospital staff and social workers, including those who contact with coronavirus-infected patients, informs the hospital.

Photo by Tyumen Line

TechnoSpark also covered the face shields transportation and shipping costs.

The main functional parts of the visors are 3D printed. This production method ensures the reliability of the structure, convenient fit, precision of size regulation and also lighter weight compared to the similar products.

Made of strong plastic, the face shields are easy to disinfect and suitable for multiple use. They protect the eyes, respiratory tract and skin from direct contact with fine particles and viruses, prevent any involuntary touches on the face, dramatically reducing the possibility of coronavirus transmission.

Source: Tyumen Line

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