January 13, 2021

#startupdiplom: Ultralight Bicycle Introduced To The Market By Journalism Student / TSU

Kristina Klyueva who is the third year TSU undergraduate journalism student was employed by the TechnoSpark Group of Companies based on her performance in Build the Company. Sell the Company business game. Having demonstrated the best of her entrepreneurship competences at all stages of the game, Kristina won a #startupdiplom internship. Now she is officially employed by the best technology park of Russia as a junior venture builder—technological entrepreneur—at the company dealing with the development of ultralight bicycles of titanium and composite materials.

The light bicycle is more agile and comfortable to move. The materials the bicycles will be made of will keep it extra strong.

The startup of Kristina Klyueva has introduced the bicycle production technology: the drawings and 3D models are ready. At the moment, the startup is about to order the design and manufacture the pre-production prototypes of the bicycle parts. The duties of Kristina include studying the global bicycle market, the bicycle production market, the sales methods and ways of optimizing the technology to select the optimal solutions for her startup.

Photo by TechnoSpark

The product has a big future: after the in-house manufacture is arranged and optimized, it will be ready to enter the big market. There are products analogous to the bicycle: at the present moment, there are many companies in the world working on high-tech bicycles, but the majority of them are situated abroad.


Our bicycle is produced with additive technologies and a combination of two lightweight but strong materials: carbon and titanium. The manufacture of the completely titanium frame creates many technological issues that raise the production cost of the bicycle: these are pipe milling, welding on a special bench and work of a high-qualified welder. Thanks to our 3D printed titanium nodes and carbon pipes, these issues are possible to solve.

Kristina Klyueva explains

The high-tech lightweight bicycle will cost minimum 200 thousand rubles; the target audience of the product is ‘advanced’ athletes.

In 2019, Tomsk State University became one of the first Russian universities to host the Build the Company. Sell the Company business game, which opens the students an opportunity of building their own technological startup within the TechnoSpark Group of Companies. This is a part of the Startup Experience internship program, at the end of which the students defend their final qualifying projects based on the results of the startup launch experience.

In 2020, four more TSU students won such internship; Kristina Klyueva (Loktionova) was one of them. In the year 2020-21, over 15 Russian universities became partners of the #startupdiplom program introduced by TechnoSpark.

Source: TSU

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