January 18, 2021

Yeast Bank Established by TechnoSpark Startup

In December 2020, Beer Genomics biotechnological company (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies in the investment network of RusNano Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) established the first Russian independent yeast bank. The first customer to deposit its yeast was Strazek, a beer restaurant in Moscow.

The yeast bank keeps live yeast strains. Genetically identical live yeast ensures the stable quality and flavor of the drink. However, in the course of time the yeast tend to mutate, causing changes of the drink flavor. Long-term storage of a live yeast strain in the appropriate conditions to prevent mutation is called depositing.

Photo by Strazek Restaurant

The deposited strains are kept in sterile tanks at the temperature of -70°С. In such conditions, they can be stored for decades, and then returned to the production process to reproduce and create new viable yeast.


It is important for us to use the same yeast strain to keep our regular beers unchanged.  Depositing our yeast, we stay independent from the yeast suppliers: Beer Genomics cultivates the strain we need and ensures the genetic compliance of the yeast culture.

Chief Technologist of Strazek Beer Restaurant Mikhail Parashkin

Beer yeast banks are found all around the world, including Germany and the USA, where craft brewing is trending. Contract-based yeast depositing is a service designed for small breweries, as large factories have the depositories of their own.

Beer Genomics specializes in services for craft breweries. Besides depositing, the company offers the services of customized liquid yeast production, cultivation of yeast from the customer’s strains, microbiological product and raw material monitoring, reverse engineering and microbiological profiling. If needed, Beer Genomics can recover yeast strains from the beer provided by the customer.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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