March 17, 2021

Beer Genomics Introduced a New Liquid Yeast Collection for Home Brewing

BeerGenomics biotechnological company (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies, in the investment network of the RUSNANO Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) launched a collection of liquid yeast strains for home brewing of different beer styles. The BeerGenomics capsules with genetically pure yeast were presented at the Brau Beviale Moscow exhibition on 17 March 2021.

Liquid yeast is a professional product, traditionally associated with expensive craft beers. Since it is the liquid yeast that gives beer its special flavor, we would like to give amateur brewers an opportunity to experiment with liquid cultures comfortably and at affordable prices.

Denis Nikitinsky, Commercial Director of BeerGenomics

The liquid yeast concentrate for home brewing is supplied in sealed 30 ml capsules, the concentration is 40 billion cells. One capsule, worth less than 500 rubles, is enough to brew 30 litres of beer.

Photo by TechnoSpark

The home brewing collection includes 4 strains out of 25 available in BeerGenomics for craft breweries: Fertech L 002, A 003, A 004 and A 010, recommended for various beer styles, such as Pilsner, Hefeweizen, English Ale, Irish Red Ale and Staut. The strains are characterized by different fermentation temperature, alcohol tolerance, flake formation (flocculation) and sugar fermentation (attenuation).

The BeerGenomics liquid yeast for home brewing can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website and in specialty stores. Each capsule has an instruction on brewing technology, and there is also online support by the BeerGenomics technologists.

Photo by TechnoSpark

BeerGenomics yeast laboratory specializes in the professional cultivation of liquid yeast, as well as in using genetic methods for beer and raw material contamination control.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark


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