April 05, 2021

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In 2020, Visionix Rus received many requests from customers for testing equipment in clinics and opticians’ salons. Since the requests exceeded the number of demo equipment, the company faced a problem of queues, which resulted in a solution.

In order to cut down the queue, Visionix Rus got the best out of time by creating design sheets, informing customers on the order of priority, transporting equipment from one region to another, adhering to the plan and schedule. The company received both positive and negative results.

On the positive side, equipment was sold. Its purchase always implies an excellent service, detailed consultations, assessment of the requirements of a clinic or company for the requested equipment, and deal transparency.

While negative results refer to lost opportunities, inability to test on time and demonstrate all the advantages of the equipment.

Fig. 1. Visionix VX120+DryEye


In 2020 the company conceived an idea of Visionix diagnostic systems to be tested in the remote mode hence demonstrating the equipment to everyone. Engineers have introduced software (S/W) that allows customers to remotely connect to the VX series demo equipment (VX130+, VX120+, VX120+Dry Eye) and conduct a full range of screening. The S/W ensures full immersion into the process, but not a simulation.

How it works

In the course of negotiation, the company’s experts ask the necessary questions and analyze the customer’s answers and demands. After that, it becomes obvious whether the company is suitable to be a vendor for the assigned tasks, and whether it will be capable of meeting the needs of the clinic or enterprise. At the next stage, together with a customer’s specialist, the company proceeds to test in the remote mode.

The company’s technical department sends the S/W, the experts agree on a group of study participants, which can include representatives of almost any age, with various diseases associated with impaired visual functions. Following that, the customer’s specialist begins to test the equipment. Nobody loses in the test drive. Pursuing the study quality not to be affected, the Visionix Rus consultants help to understand the device menu and keep their eyes on the sitting postures of patients.

When the study is completed, specialists answer questions, provide additional advisory, send impersonal results with all the indices of interest to the customer for decision-making. If necessary, the test process is recorded on video so as not to miss the details.

Fig. 2. Remote work on Visionix VX series equipment


Visionix VX series equipment (VX130+, VX120+, VX120+DryEye) is multifunctional and fully automatic. This increases the company’s competitiveness since the diagnostics can be carried out by nursing staff. Specialists, responsible for decision making, receive personalized data on studies.

The equipment will help companies to introduce new services since its multifunctional performance allows not to be limited to conventional refraction checking methods. The study results are to help in planning the operation, diagnosing age-related diseases, and observing vision after surgical interventions.

How to get started

Visionix Rus always encourages its customers and prospective buyers to try new directions. For example, to develop the prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of dry eye syndrome in opticians’ salons. Visionix VX120+DryEye, a new invention of the company, can easily cope with the task. In automatic mode, a specialist needs two minutes to monitor the lachrymal surface using a non-invasive technique, as well as the tear film breakup time and meibomian glands. This procedure is absolutely painless, comfortable for the patient and informative. The diagnostics of such a kind is suitable for patients using contact lenses for vision correction. Diagnostics will be useful to office workers who spend a lot of time in front of computers, and to every person taking care of his or her health.

Fig. 3. Results of Visionix diagnostics

Visionix Rus is a joint company of the Luneau Technology Operations international group and TechnoSpark. It localizes, sells and provides support of the ophthalmologic equipment production in the Russian and international markets.

Visionix Rus produces and supplies a broad range of ophthalmological devices of the Visionix brand, including autorefractometers, slit lamps, lensmeters, phoropters, and other equipment for the diagnostics of glaucoma, cataract, and other corneal pathologies, to be applied for the high-precision measurement of the eye optical parameters and individual fitting of contact lenses. Visionix Rus development department is based in France and Israel.

Source: Optical Magazine

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