April 27, 2021

Ultra-fast Micromachining Laser by TechnoSpark Startup

In April 2021, a new model of the PL Beta fiber picosecond laser for micromachining, which is cheaper than world analogues, was produced by Polarus (part of the TechnoSpark Group of Companies in the investment network of the RUSNANO Group’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs under the authority of VEB.RF).

PL Beta picosecond laser is designed for cutting and processing fragile materials such as sapphire or silicon. Such materials are applied in microelectronics as protective glasses and substrates for microcircuits and LEDs. PL Beta is also capable of cutting through semiconductor plates, microwelding, scribing (precise pre-cutting), removing material from the surface and marking.


Our laser will allow coping with such complex operations as sapphire precise cutting, without applying for expensive and bulky solid-state lasers. The very short pulse operating of PL Beta constitutes 38 picoseconds, so emission-material interaction leads to the substance evaporating while the material staying unmelted in contrast with the nanosecond laser processing, thus resulting in a very neat cut with even edges. This precise processing can be made by a femtosecond laser, but the costs are higher.

Ekaterina Khodunova, CEO of Polarus

Compared to solid-state lasers, fiber lasers are more reliable and compact, have low sensitivity to shocks and vibrations. Their high spectrum characteristics, comparable to the parameters of solid-state lasers, allow very thin cuts.

Illustration by Polarus

Polarus PL Beta is a compact laser for industrial use that can be directly integrated into full laser systems. The PL Beta market value will be significantly lower than that of foreign counterparts. Polarus is planning to launch batch production of the laser in 2022.

Polarus is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of picosecond fiber lasers.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark


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