May 28, 2021

Second Season Finale of the #startupdiploma Program Was Held at the First Russian Startup Studio

On May 27, the second season of the #startupdiploma entrepreneur internship held at TechnoSpark (part of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs of the Rusnano Group) was finished. Students had been building up technology startups for 9 months. 11 students from five universities presented the results of their first entrepreneurial experiment.

The startup entrepreneur internship at TechnoSpark is the only program in Russia where students have the opportunity to experience the economy of real technology businesses, rather than educational startup projects.

Photo by the Media Office of TechnoSpark

Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov said, addressing the students and their mentors: ‘The TechnoSpark program has become one of the examples of the “startup as a diploma” format. We see that the support for startups is becoming a critical function of universities around the world. Giving knowledge and methods is a challenging creative task, especially in such a new field as creating technology startups. Here knowledge is given literally “from the wheels”—there are no textbooks yet.
The platform you are on is not only the first startup studio in Russia, but also a partner of universities in educating technology entrepreneurs. I hope that TechnoSpark will continue this important program’.

A year ago, 15 universities and 7,000 students were selected for the second season of the entrepreneur internship. Only 11 people from five universities became winners. In September 2020, they took positions of venture capitalists in the TechnoSpark Group technology startups for additive printing, industrial lasers, RFID systems, logistics robots, energy storage, contract manufacturing of medical equipment and development of equipment for sports analytics.

As a result of the internship, all participants decided to continue to work in the technology business—to create their own startups, become professional venture capital builders, or join innovative development teams of universities and regions.

Photo by the Media Office of TechnoSpark

In the world, 25% of new startups are created by students, and only 3% in Russia. If those young people who have completed their internship today continue to engage in technological entrepreneurship and become serial startuppers, they can potentially create hundreds of new companies, thousands of jobs and billions of rubles of added value. So far, such a deep internship with full immersion in business is a unique experience for our country, but together with the ministry we are preparing the initiative called The Platform for Technological Entrepreneurship. Its task is to scale the best Russian practices, to involve tens and hundreds of thousands of students in technological entrepreneurship.

Denis Kovalevich, Chairman of the Board, TechnoSpark

Photo by the Media Office of TechnoSpark

In 2020, TechnoSpark became partners with Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Don State Technical University, Tyumen State University and Kabardino-Balkarian State University. Five more strong Russian universities will join the mentioned universities in the third season of #startupdiploma.

Tomsk State University

Diana Sarukhanova built an algorithm for introducing services of contract localization of medical equipment production to new foreign markets.

Kristina Klyueva built a product startup for the production of new carbon-titanium bicycle frames.

Vladislav Ryabukhin created a startup for the development and production of microbiological rapid tests for quality control in craft brewing.

Sergei Kruglov, together with a senior partner, developed a company for the production of logistics robots, testing a hypothesis of a new robot model.

Tomsk Polytechnic University

Gennady Chipinov, together with a senior partner, built a company for the production of a fiber picosecond laser for micromachining materials.

Tyumen State University

Elina Nasibova introduced a Russian-made energy storage system to foreign markets.

Igor Shevchenko built a product startup for the production of telescopic masts for filming sports events.

Danila Shcherbich developed a contract company for the development of RFID solutions, focusing on orders in the fields of animal husbandry and reusable packaging.

Don State Technical University

Vladislav Bogdan, together with a senior partner, built a contract company for the development and industrial design of the customer’s products.

Andrey Reshetnyak introduced a series of technological equipment for metalworking industries to the market.

Photo by the Media Office of TechnoSpark

Source: TechnoSpark Media Office

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