June 09, 2021

Ronavi Robots Are Used by PEC to Optimize Warehouse Processes / Retail&Loyalty

PEC tested goods transportation using Ronavi Robotics robots inside the warehouse. According to the press service of the transport and logistics provider, the experiment was held at the company’s hub in Yuzhnoe Butovo for a month. The task was to move between different warehouse areas, including the way to the customer pick-up area.

The standard process looks like this: the customer arrives at the cargo pick-up area, the operator transmits the order data to the WMS system which appoints a line employee from the storage area to collect the item.

Then employee finds the right cell, takes the item and delivers it to the pickup area. However, the packaging of parcels takes 30% of his working time, and he moves between different areas for 70% of his time. The PEC testing aimed to verify the possibility of automizing these routine processes.

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Ronavi H-1500 is a logistics platform robot for transporting cargo inside warehouses. It operates with cargo no more than one pallet in size and weighing no more than 1,500 kg. It moves along special markings in any direction without turning the body.

The robot works up to 90% of the time per day. It takes 18 minutes to charge it fully. Compare this with a human who works 8 or 12 hours with breaks, so the work of the line personnel is organized in several shifts for round-the-clock work of the warehouse. Labor required for moving goods can be reduced up to 70% when using robots.

The machine performs tasks independently but, if necessary, the operator can control the robot manually via tablet. The platform is integrated via a special RMS program into the WMS system in order to distribute tasks and, if necessary, predict the placement of commodity items in the warehouse.


At the first stage, a swarm of Ronavi robots works in the presence of people, but later the movement of goods around the warehouse can become fully automated, and the power of the line personnel can be redirected to other work. The main goal of the joint work of PEC and Ronavi Robotics is to optimize intra-warehouse logistics.

Oleg Rozanov Commercial Director of Ronavi Robotics

“The pilot project showed that the optimal sites for implementing the Ronavi H-1500 robot are warehouses where internal logistics implies long routes with high repeatability of the same processes”, noted Oleg Skovorodnikov, director of the PEC digital transformation department.

Based on the results of the pilot project, a decision will be made to launch the robot in other PEC warehouse complexes, where such technologies will maximize the efficiency of the warehouse.

Source: Retail&Loyalty

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