July 05, 2021

Ronavi Logistics Robots Have Entered the Program for Subsidizing Russian High-Tech Products

Ronavi Robotics (part of the TechnoSpark group of companies of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs of the Rusnano Group) participates in a program for Russian manufacturers of high-tech products. This program allows those who buy logistics robots to compensate for up to 50% of costs when automating a warehouse with Ronavi robots.

The subsidy for warehouse robotization is provided for by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 555 of May 3, 2019. It is aimed at transforming priority sectors of the economy by introducing Russian products with end-to-end digital technologies, including robotics and the Internet of things. Logistics robots from Ronavi Robotics, being a Russian high-tech product, can enter this program.

The minimum subsidy is 20 million rubles, the maximum is 100 million rubles. Companies that launch a pilot, that is the first commercial or industrial implementation of a product, can participate in the program. The compensation covers the costs of robots, their implementation in the warehouse, software, components and, partially, the customer’s operating costs.

The subsidy is allocated on a competitive basis. To receive the subsidy, the buyer must develop a project of automating the warehouse with Ronavi robots, draw up an estimate and submit an application for participation in the competition. The winners are determined by an expert committee based on a number of indicators, including the development scaling potential, its innovativeness, cost-effectiveness of implementation and the effectiveness of grant support.


Many companies are interested in our robots. Some have already started robotizing their warehouses, while some are still considering this possibility. Now is the right time to start taking action, because the Skolkovo subsidy makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the warehouse through robots, while paying half the price.

Ivan Borodin, CEO of Ronavi Robotics

Ronavi Robotics is the first Russian company to develop, manufacture and sell autonomous robots for logistics needs. The Ronavi series of robots includes three models with different load-lifting capacities of 1,500 kg, 500 kg and 50 kg.

Source: the Media Office of TechnoSpark

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