July 08, 2021

Entrepreneurial Simulator by TechnoSpark School of Entrepreneurship Used to Choose CEO of First ITMO-FIEP University Startup Studio / FIEP

The competitive selection for the CEO of a new university startup studio has been completed by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP) of the RUSNANO Group, together with ITMO University. Aleksandr Tarasov, an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg, has become a winner.

The competition involved 33 candidates. In the course of a 10-hour business game, the winner was being determined by means of a simulator of entrepreneurial competencies, a unique solution by the TechnoSpark (part of the investment network of the RUSNANO Group’s FIEP) School of Entrepreneurship.


This approach allows diagnosing personal qualities required for success in business, which is often impossible to reveal by a regular interview, such as self-discipline, perseverance, technology interest, ability to cope with stress and make decisions in uncertain circumstances.

Denis Kovalevich, Chairman of the Board, TechnoSpark

Aleksandr Tarasov got an economic education at Murmansk State Technical University, having graduated in 2011. He worked in various St. Petersburg banks, also being at senior positions. Today, he is developing his own IT startup in marketing.
“For me, participation in the competition has become a trigger for a new direction of personal development. At this point, together with the startup studio team, we have to deal with ambitious tasks aimed at facilitating new entrepreneurial projects and innovative startups to be launched,” commented Aleksandr Tarasov on his appointment to the post of CEO.

In terms of the new startup studio, the CEO will have to create technology companies from scratch. The studio will be responsible for forming business hypotheses, choosing optimal technologies, selecting a team with the necessary competencies, building an effective system for managing the process of new business launching. This will reduce the cost of startups, making their purchase available to the maximum number of companies.


Source: FIEP

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