July 09, 2021

Magnit is to Begin Testing Ronavi Logistic Robots / Magnit

The Magnit retail chain has summed up the results of the second MGNTech accelerator, held in partnership with the Skolkovo Foundation, having chosen eight innovative projects. They included logistic robots for automation, a service for reactions detection, based on neural networks, a system for analyzing and checking data on trucks and drivers in real-time, etc.

The second MGNTech accelerator received 455 applications from Russian and foreign startups from 11 countries. They were submitted in three fields of activity — operation management, logistics and supply chains, and own production. According to the competitive selection results, 16 projects entered the semifinals. Those most successful of them were determined on the basis of the preliminary technology acquaintance and 10-minute live pitches as part of a demo day, when startup representatives introduced their projects, speaking about competitive advantages and a potential economic effect for Magnit.

Ronavi Robotics of TechnoSpark became the winner, representing logistic robots for automation in distribution centers, industrial and agricultural enterprises. The robot automatically takes the output product, for example, from the conveyor, moves it to the packaging area, and to the acceptance area for storage afterward. With technology applying, labor costs are greatly reduced while the operational speed and efficiency increase;

Among the winners were also the companies: Smart Tasting, YouTool, Haut.AI, CISLINK, PTL Carts, GTLogistics, MUST.

The accelerator winners will have access to all the necessary resources and expertise of the company, as well as professional mentoring support from the Skolkovo Foundation and the retail chain. Thus, if necessary, the accelerator participants will have opportunities to finalize their products. Provided that technologies, passed tests successfully, are replicated, the retail chain expects to receive a total economic effect of at least one billion rubles in 2021-2022.


As early as at the stage of selecting applications for the second MGNTech accelerator, we realized that it was going to be a difficult task to decide on the finalists. We were looking for technologies that can improve current processes and develop promising areas of our business. When choosing winners, we were focused on the novelty and innovation value of ideas. In addition, the feasibility and applicability, as well as usefulness for Magnit, were used as criteria.

Evgeny Dzhamalov, Chief Innovation Officer, the Magnit retail chain

“In the first accelerator, Magnit suggested that we find technology projects to solve quite limited tasks. Therefore, we were not looking for startups with a ready solution, but teams with experience in three business areas. The MGNTech-2021 search directions were assigned, also taking into account international trends. So, the innovations tested by the world retail leaders were studied and the Magnit leaders were suggested to consider them in application to their specific tasks. As a result, the global trends met the chain goals, ” said Konstantin Parshin, Vice President, Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Information Technology Cluster.


Source: Magnit

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