July 29, 2021

Denis Kovalevich: “Russia’s lagging behind in the startup Sph is growing, but it is possible to get over” / TASS

Denis Kovalevich, co-founder of the Technospark group of companies of the Rusnano group’s FIEP (Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs) investment network, urged to actively involve universities in this practice.

MOSCOW, July 29. /TASS/. Russia’s lagging behind the technology leaders in the startup development sphere is growing, but there are ways to get over it. This was stated by Denis Kovalevich, co-founder of the Technospark group of companies of the Rusnano group’s investment network of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP).


Up to a thousand new startups appear in Russia nowadays, and no more than 5 billion rubles of grants and investments in total are invested in them. This relates to the early stages. At the same time, there has been a drop in both indicators seen over the last five years. Lagging behind the technological leader countries by hundreds times, and this gap is growing. If we won’t have dozens of thousands of startups opening tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow there won’t be even a dozen tech companies in the global top 1000.

Denis Kovalevich, delivering a speech at the acceleration stage of the Archipelago 2121 intensive in Veliky Novgorod, – the Media Office of the RUSNANO group.

Kovalevich named several areas of work to improve the situation. Thus, according to him, it is necessary to actively involve universities in this practice. In the whole world, students and professors create a quarter of startups, while in Russia – no more than 3%. The expert believes, that this is a great unfulfilled potential capable of giving an additional thousand startups a year. “It would be a strong move to give a draft determents to graduates who have managed to attract private funds to their startup” Kovalevich suggested.

It would also be right to develop investment in serial entrepreneurship, which will provide a multiplier effect: one startup studio makes 10 startups a year, while one founder makes one startup in 10 years. According to the expert, it is necessary to ensure the priority of investments over grants. And to develop an insurance model for private investments, where investor should be able to take back the investment without significant losses within the first 24 months, and the development institution should replace it during the search for new capital.

The project and educational intensive for individual participants, leaders of startups, companies and projects, as well as for representatives of regional and university teams “Archipelago 2121” started in Veliky Novgorod on July 21 and will last until August 10.

Technospark is a company that creates and grows technology startups in various industries from scratch. Technospark in 2016-2020 was recognized as the most efficient technology park in Russia, and included in the Russia’s fast-growing high-tech companies National Rating TechUp. It is also engaged in the development of entrepreneurial competencies and conducts an #startupdiplom internship in real companies of a startup studio.

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs is one of the largest institutions for innovation development in Russia. The purpose of the fund is a financial and non-financial development of nanotechnology and other high-tech sectors of the economy through the implementation of national projects, formation and development of innovative infrastructure, the transformation of additional education by creating new educational programs and technologies, provision of institutional and informational support which contributes to the introduction of technological solutions and finished products to the market, including the field of cross-digital technologies. The Chairman of the Board of the Fund is Sergey Kulikov, Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO Management Company LLC.


Source: TASS

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