September 20, 2021

The TechnoSpark Entrepreneurship School Started Admitting Students for Entrepreneurial Practice for the Third Time

Till the end of November, thousands of students from six universities across the country will undergo diagnostics and business training called “Build a Company. Sell the Company” developed by Ten Education (part of the TechnoSpark group). The best students will be invited to the TechnoSpark companies.

Till the end of the academic year, students will live in Troitsk and work with senior partners in the TechnoSpark ecosystem. The responsibilities of trainees will include:

  • Technological and production analytics;
  • Organization of product development and production;
  • Economic and investment calculation;
  • Selling technology products.


“The format of on-the-job training for a business builder exist not only in our country but is being actively introduced into the world practice. The profession of a technology business builder has not yet become a regular subject. That is why partnership between universities and business is a unique opportunity for students”.

Anna Elashkina, TEN Education expert.

The selection of students with entrepreneurial skills is the most important stage of the internship program because the training takes place in the form of operation of a real manufacturing company. The proficiency profile, which is created individually for each selection participant, allows both companies to select suitable junior business builders and students to assess their successes and deficiencies in order to build a further development trajectory.

TEN Education is the TechnoSpark’s School of Technology Entrepreneurship, developer and operator of the “Build a Company. Sell the Company” entrepreneurship proficiency diagnostic simulator, operator of the #StartupDiploma entrepreneur internship, and a qualification and recruiting program for future startup leaders called Business Debut.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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